Sunday, February 26, 2012

And... SOLD!

Just thought I would offer a quick update on what I have sold recently.  I know I usually tell you all about what I am about to list, but I feel like I have been doing better in the actually selling department lately so I thought I would share!  Who knows, these could be your new BOLO (Be On the Look Out for) items!

A large Pyrex casserole with a pattern I have never seen anywhere else with a beautiful lid as well.  This sold on BIN for $32.00, I hope it is going to a collector who is also appreciating its beauty!

4 pieces of Pink Pyrex!  Sold for $30.00, this was about the 3rd time I have relisted these, I was just on the verge of adding another pink piece to it, but I am glad I didn't because I think I might keep that one for me! 

Green Wheat Promotional Pyrex Space Saver Casserole, a beautiful deep teal.  This sold for $20.50, even without the lid.  It really has awesome colors with the gold leaf, too. 

This is the big one.  So I have had this toaster sitting around for a while, knowing full well its awesomeness, but I didn't think it would sell that well.  I had seen a completed for the same one that never sold for like $59.99.  I started this at $29.99, and it ended up selling for... *drumroll please* $157.50!!!  I couldn't believe it!  There was a bidding war on this baby!  I think someone will be VERY happy with it, because it works like a charm!  It heats up super fast, and looks great while making your toast.

This is a man find, aka my man found it and was excited about listing it.  The foldable Coleman table and chairs I posted about last week.  It sold for $50.00, and we are a little sad to see it go.  We will definitely be keeping an eye out for another one for our personal use! 

I knew this guy would sell fast, he is just too cute for words!  Sold for $11.00. 

Man find Numero Dos.  He haggled for this PBR sign at a garage sale, and was so excited about getting it listed.  Sold for $28.00!

Well, on a less fun note, I was unable to accompany him to Colorado for a quick trip because we got home from dinner last night only to find our dog, Scout, had eaten an ENTIRE bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips.  We spent some time (and $$$) at the emergency vet, where they got most of it up, and she has been getting progressively better.  She has been a little down and out today, I think it's like her form of a hangover.  We had a lot of mom and fur baby time together today though, and probably tomorrow, too.  Wish her well!  
I don't know what it is going to be like when I have my own little people kids.  This was the first time she has been sick and I feel like I am getting all mom on her by canceling a plane ticket and taking a day off work!  Oh well, she is well worth it!


  1. Oh no! Poor Scout. Hope the doggie feels better soon.

    You have had some very successful sales! I knew that toaster would go well after I saw the bids starting to roll in immediately after you listed it. But, I had no idea it would go that high. Great job!

    Nice man picks too. Maybe I can get my hubby started on man picks for my stores too. We'll see :)

  2. Oh your poor doggie! So glad you stayed with her. That chocolate is not a good thing for pups! You have made some fabulous sales! That toaster is a winner for sure!

  3. Oh, hope your sweet doggie is on the mend. Visiting from Vintage Thingie Thurs. That toster is amazing, great sale too!

  4. What a wonderful assortment of different Pyrex ware.

  5. Oh poor baby...don't know what's worse the diarrhea from the choc or the effect of the throwing it up by Doc. Shadow ate a whole fabric leash and they induced vomiting..he was icky for a few days, but never touched a leash again. And nothing wrong with taking care of furkids....Sick or no....ours goes everywhere.
    Love all your vintage thingies..great sales!

  6. I can't believe it took you so long to sell those pink pyrex dishes. They are fabulous!!!