Sunday, October 23, 2011

Purses and Pyrex, Oh My!

Hey everyone!  So this weekend I discovered where the REALLY awesome cheap things are-- Rummage Sales!  There are not really any flea markets in Tucson, but there seem to be a lot of rummage sales going on for churches, charities, etc, which makes it feel even better when I buy stuff, I'm buying and helping at the same time!

Well, I am going to have to divide up my finds into a couple posts, and first we will start with the giant purse haul I brought in!  A total of 9 purses for a total of $9!!! Can't beat that!

I found that when I had the woven leather clutch in my Etsy shop, I had lots of hits on it, so when I saw this woven leather purse at a rummage sale I grabbed it right away!  I think it has the perfect amount of wear (or love) on it so that it isn't beat up, just in great vintage condition.

I got this at the same rummage sale.  These were the first two that I picked up and I held on to them tight!    This one is a hard case and has so many great details to it, almost like a mini-suitcase!  As I was holding these and continuing to "rummage" a volunteer for the sale came up to me and told me that she was the one who donated these!  She told me how she bought them in India and used them for years until she decided they would find a better home at this sale!  Well, for now they have an intermediate home, but I sure will get them to exactly the right person!

I love the colors on this one!  It is very retro and the little gold detail is awesome!  It has a long strap or can be used as a clutch.

This little bitty beaded clutch has a handle and apparently is Made In Czechoslovakia, which isn't even a country any more, which is pretty neat!

Next is a little velvet polka dot clutch with a cute little transparent yellow zipper pull!  Sometimes it is really the little things that make a piece so interesting!

A little more woven leather for you!  I really like how the smooth and the rough side of the leather makes such a neat checkerboard pattern!

What a great color, right?  This bag is made by Letisse and is so interesting!  The bow is not really my taste, but the bag overall just really had something that called to me!  The top opening is the kind that has a magnet built in and its rigity closes itself.  That's a feature I really haven't seen in a while (besides those cheap change purses...), which is another interesting aspect!

Another leather clutch, this one is made in Italy.  It has great texture and a simple-yet-sophisticated look!

Let me just say I really LOVE this little bag.  I love it so much that I took it out for a little night on the town on Saturday, it just was perfect with my outfit so I had to!  I think the chain is super neat and the closing clasp is cool, too!  The only downside is that it needs a little repair and some of the inside seams are separating.  I hope that someone else might still see the beauty in this, I will price it accordingly, so I hope someone snaps it up quick!

All right and now for Pyrex!  In my last post I mentioned how I saw some fridgies on an estate sale website, this is the pictures from their website:

Obviously the first one was easy to spot, that was at their shop so they have pictures of individual items.  The in-home one was a little more difficult, but my eyes went right to that full set of fridgies right away!!!
I had to develop a strategy:  the in-home sale started at 7am and the store sale started at 9am.  I decided to show up at the home sale at 6am to get my line number (14) and after I left there, hit a rummage sale then go to the shop.  I realized that I wouldn't get real close to the front of the line at the shop, but I figured everyone else would be going mostly towards the furniture.  I got my fridgies at the home sale and there was so much more, so I spent a little time there!  I will show off my other items soon!
When I got to the shop, I grabbed my number for my spot in line-- 26.  Not bad, but not great.  I was still there 45 minutes before open and they had a bunch of chairs out front, so I sat and enjoyed the cool morning for a while.  As I was sitting there, a man approached me and asked what number I had, I told him and he said, "Give me your number."  Not demanding or anything, but I didn't really know what he was doing!  I thought he was joking so I said "No, I need this to get in!"  He said he would trade me and he handed me a folded up number once I handed him mine.  I opened it and it was the number 2!  He told me he had gotten there at 3am!  At this place you can get a limit of 2 numbers (in case you were getting one from a friend, etc.) so he grabbed two just so he could give the second one away!  I told him that was so nice of him and that I really appreciated it, cool right?!

Well here is what I got from both sales:

A full set of Spring Blossom Green and a 1.5 quart and 1.5 cup Gooseberry fridgie, I got all of what I wanted and more!

I also stopped at a thrift store near my work and picked up this cute little Avon owl bottle.  As I discovered on ebayunderground, people don't really buy Avon bottles much, so you should stay away from them, but this one was too cute to pass up, and it's box was adorable, too!  People really love owls right now, so it will go into my Etsy shop!

I am a little tired so I will link up tomorrow, but I will have more pictures later this week of everything from this weekend!  Oh and a little tidbit that I learned was that next week, the estate sale company will be having their sale at a hoarder's house.  They said that most everything is new in box!  I am hoping for some NIB Pyrex, but that might be dreaming big!  I cannot wait until they post their pictures on Thursday!!!!  I will maybe make a post about what I will be running for!  Sounds like another early Saturday for me!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Finally, A Little Time for a Mid-Week Post!

Right now, we are watching the U of A football game and we are WINNING!  It has been a while so this is exciting news!

Onto the good stuff.  So I forgot my cell phone at home the other day so I drove back from work really quickly to grab it.  Well, just thought I would pop in to the thrift store that is right on the way back to work.  I have really been wanting to find some nice Pyrex lately (I am getting SOOO addicted!) and although I never have had luck at this shop with Pyrex, I hit paydirt!  A full set of four Cinderella Mixing Bowls in the Orange and Yellow Daisy Pattern!  They are absolutely beautiful!  I picked up all four for a total of $7.50!!!  As I walked up to the register the lady who rang me up told me that I found a really great deal, and I told her how excited I was to finally find some great Pyrex here!  She was shocked that someone my age (20-something) knew about the wonders of Pyrex.  Oh if only she knew about my new OBSESSION! Check out my find with some close-ups of the wear on the pour spouts, these bowls have been loved!

 So artsy, makes me think my pictures are getting better!

Here's a cool find that my boyfriend had!  He has been joining me on thrift adventures mostly to look for vintage cast iron, and he found some!  He is such a pro and he is always quick to say, "Hey Chels, there's some Pyrex over here!"

And here's a little gem that I found not too long ago, a Matson gold plated mirror, to be used as a tray or hanging mirror!

I also thought I would show you guys my work space at the office!  There are lots of thrifted treasures here, and stuff from Ross!
 My office-mate and I decided on an animal print/Africa theme.  Then we sort of moved to whatever we felt was awesome enough for our office...

 Sooo, my office-mate/good friend Kelsey and I found this gem at a swap meet and couldn't pass it up.  I don't know if it was the overly-elaborated metallic plastic peacock, or the fake roses under the clock face, but it just... called to us.  YES, it works...  I haggled this baby from $9 to $5.  Most people would pay $0.00, but this little bit of magnificence needed a home in our office!

We were on the lookout for the perfect panther for a few months, and then I came across this handsome beast at a Hobby Lobby when I was visiting my parents in Phoenix, score!

Since we are Animal Science majors who mostly deal with livestock, this is the bull which I picked up from my grandmother's Fiesta-themed birthday party!

My trusty boots, they get lots of use and are well-loved!

That's all, just thought I would share a little bit of me this time!  I am hoping to hit an estate sale on Saturday where I spotted a full set of Pyrex fridgies, which I also spotted a couple at the same estate sale company's shop, so I might have to hit them both!  Hoping to have more great finds for you soon!

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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Milestone Report!

Hey all!  Well, I am happy to report that this week I made my first sale on Etsy, followed almost immediately by one more, then another the next day!  Yes, 3 SALES within 24 hours!  I was so excited, but then I started thinking, what do I have to pack with?!  I needed to grab some boxes from work. (which is where I was, luckily!) So I found some boxes that were the right size, used found bubble wrap, and was given a HUGE box of packing peanuts, so I was set!  I have been keeping an eye out for small boxes to ship very small items so I don't have to overpay for shipping, and I found a few, and unfortunately one was in the recycling bin, but that didn't stop me!  I checked my surroundings thoroughly, but alas, right as I was reaching in to grab it (it was about the only thing in there so it was at the bottom!) I heard a truck roll by!  I was caught in the act of dumpster diving!

Anyways, I am sure your here to see some pictures of finds, so here goes!

Jack Daniels double deck of playing cards!  Probably not worth much gold, but they are old and really neat!  I love that they come in the ornate little tin as well!

But my playing card finds didn't stop there!

These are Congress playing cards, they came in this nice little box, but one of the dogs does not match!  They are still super cute and I think they might do well in my Etsy shop!

Today I found some great little brass items!  The Crew's Quarters sign caught my eye and I am hoping some boating enthusiast will pick it up!  I love the little show pony as well!  I LOVE brass horse things, but this will go in the shop, too, especially because I found another little pony that will be mine!
This little copper colt was on a shelf at an estate sale and I grabbed him quickly!  Not quite brass, but I am pretty sure he is copper plated, maybe brass underneath?  I'm not too great at identifying what metals are solid, plated, etc, but I know that this guy was very heavy and solid!  So what if he looks a little mule-ish, he is so great!

It's Pyrex time!  I found A LOT of Pyrex today, but this is what I picked up!  This was another milestone for me because this is the first time I have found a COMPLETE bowl set!  I picked up this set of 4 mixing bowls in Forest Fancies for $12.99 at Goodwill!  There were also 2 large Town and Country mixing bowls at the same Goodwill but they were too much $$, and another one that I don't remember.  I am thinking about taking a trip back there tomorrow or later this week to take a second look.  It is really difficult for me to tell if I have a neat Pyrex piece or just a normal one, because I am not familiar with the patterns at all!  Pulling up Pyrex Love on my phone takes forever, but for now, it is the best resource I have!  I cannot wait until I get a new phone with actual internet, as opposed to Blackberry internet!

These are really cute pieces of saddle brass they are small, only about 3 inches long each, but super cute!

Really neat genuine leather briefcase that I picked up at the estate sale.  These get a lot of interest in my etsy shop, so hopefully it goes quick!

Last but not least, ANOTHER old stapler!  I just love their retro look!  This is an older Swingline, I just love the bright red color!

Thanks for reading, hope to make a new post again sooner rather than later!

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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Thirfting and Listing, It is HARD WORK!

I have a new found respect for all those hard-core resellers out there!  I have been stocking up my shop with some of my new finds for this weekend, as well as some past finds that need new homes.  Really, I think reselling is the answer to my near-hoarding lifestyle!  I find things at thrift stores that I love, so I pick them up!  I put them in a random spot in my guest bedroom, but I know there is someone out there who would enjoy them more!  I really tend to personalize items, but that's why selling them is so awesome!  Someone took the time to seek out this item to buy it from me!  So far, 5 sales on ebay and 0 sales on etsy.  Uh oh Etsy, come on!  I listed a TON of items on Etsy today (now for a total of 21!)  so hopefully that will get me a little more exposure, it always excites me when someone favorites my shop or an item!

Let's get down to brass tacks (heh) and I will show off my thrift haul for the weekend!

This is a Culver Ltd. Platter, I found a source that considers this one rare.  Only thing is that the gold is cracking... Still listed it in my Etsy shop, we will see if it gets any action there!

No, I am not a crazy person hoarding random things like microwave plates!  I heard on ebayunderground that microwave turntables sell really well, so I saw this and grabbed it!  It's a 12.5 inches, and is on ebay, hoping it sees more play there!

Yep, that's right, my very first Pyrex!  I love the pattern of both of them, but the green square flowers is so precious.  I was considering keeping the snowflake one, but let's be honest, I don't make casseroles...  I really am holding out for a mixing bowl or a large casserole dish (this one is only 1.25 quarts). Both are on Etsy!

Another BOLO (Be On the Look Out) item from ebay underground and I am glad I stumbled across it!  Bought it for $5 and it sells pretty consistently on ebay for $30 to $40, woohoo!  That will be another one I always keep an eye out for, because I feel like I see them all the time!

Some vintage BRASS light switch plates!  Now, if I could decorate, I might have kept these for the guest bedroom, but I am a renter, so my landlord would not be happy with me pulling out his precious plastic ones!  They are on etsy and I hope they do well!

This pair of candle-holding wall sconces are gorgeous!  I picked them up at the Humane Society thrift shop for $8, and I am hoping they will go quickly on Etsy because they are so lovely!  I LOVE the Humane Society thrift store because of their abundance of pet-related things!  Can't wait to go back!

Now I just saw this at Saver and couldn't help myself, it is so sweet!  Hopefully someone else will agree and snap it up from my Etsy shop!

Probably my favorite find from this weekend is the TOT Stapler!  It is so retro and cool!  If I wasn't on the verge of hoarding I would keep it for my desk at work, but that desk might fall apart if I put one more thing on it, so I have to be careful!

I did well this weekend and listed like a madwoman!  Can't wait to update on Tuesday for Apron Thrift Girl's October Listing Challenge!  Check it out and join if you haven't already!

Feel free to check out my shop under the link above: My Shops!
If you favorite my shop or an item on Etsy, just now that I will have just gotten an email to my phone telling me that you did so, and that I will do a happy dance just for you!

Good nighty night!

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