Monday, October 3, 2011

Thrift Recruiting, Boyfriend Style!

Hi all!

First off, I would love to thank some people for being awesome after just starting my blog:

The Recycle-ista pointed me in the direction of Ebay Underground, where I have learned so much already that I may trade my day job for full-time thrifting/reselling!  Well, maybe not because the University would be muy upset, but hey, I can dream!

Also, Selene, from one of my favorite blogs, Apron Thrift Girl, gave me some wonderful words of encouragement that are so cherished!

Props to my very first (and at the moment only) follower Jill who has an awesome blog called Junky Vagabond, which is so much fun!

Last but not least, to The Joyful Thrifter and her amazingly awesome blog Joyful Treasure Hunting for drawing me out of her beautiful little Pyrex bowl as a winner for her giveaway!  That is the first time I have ever won something cool besides the time in second grade that my artistic interpretation of the majestic leopard won me a jar of candy and my "piece" being displayed at the zoo!  (I know, you're a little jealous!) Anyways, this blog is where I first started thinking, what is the deal with pyrex?!?!?!  So I got to researching, and now I am ready to stock my kitchen, especially because we use a flat-bottom salad bowl as our mixing bowl for everything, and stuff gets stuck in the corners! (Remember, grad student still kinda means college kid... ;)

Well, on to the thrifting stuff!  If you noticed the title of your post and were confused, fear not, I did not recruit a boyfriend at a thrift store, rather, I have recruited my boyfriend to go thrifting with me and he likes it! (Well, sort of...)  You see, it is really, really hard to get someone with a short attention span to go to many thrift stores on a Sunday and Monday, but somehow, I succeeded!  He was impressed with a recent valuable find of mine (coming soon, get psyched!) so he really wants to dig for treasure as well!  He is not as ready to buy as I am, and he doesn't usually see everything the same way as me, but that's why were together, right?  Well, we came up short today, but Sunday I found a couple gems!

This great little globe with a brass base is so adorable!  Check out the close-ups of some of the creatures from around the world!

This part of the globe is my absolute favorite, complete with a pegasus, unicorn, and overweight sea monster.  What disappoints me a little is how there seems to be a break in the map right there...  I'm considering selling this, but I have no idea where to begin to look for resources on vintage globes besides googling vintage globes, maybe I will send a picture on over to I Love Collecting, since she is a globe collector!

I also found this sweet little compact, made by Richard Hudnut complete with the little puff!  The open rectangle area is where a lipstick is supposed to go, but this didn't come with it!  This one is cute, hope to sell it soon!  Both the globe and the compact were $1.00 from a rummage sale!

And now for some past finds!  What's that?  You want to see a little bit of my brass collection?  Oh, okay, you talked me into it!
My fan, teapots and hourglass sitting nicely in their winebox bookshelf display!
And for some other gold-tone goodies:

$2.99 for the holder thing with the rings, $2.99 for the... pencil holder?, and $4.99 for the tissue box! (Finally, one I can name exactly what it is!)

Just in case you were wondering, that is definitely a sweet little acorn on top of this!  Right now it is sitting on m vanity holding some makeup brushes that I never use!

Oh and just for fun, this is a little birdie that I picked up for $0.50 just because it was in such an odd position, but so sweet at the same time.  It is a little difficult to tell in this picture, but he is actually a soft lavender color, which I LOVE!

So did you want to see some of my craftiness?  Oh, all righty then!

First, you start with some old platters of varying sizes and take a really awkward photo of them next to your new printer's box.
Take a picture of the tiniest one to show just how darn cute it is, especially next to your bandaged finger.
Spend hours laying out how you want them to hang on your wall and take pictures so you don't forget or else you will have to start all over!
Apply some totally awesome scrap booking paper with Modge-Podge, attach teeth hooks with super glue, and hang with your hearts desire!
Beautiful, right?  Well, if my picture skills were better, this would be not so glare-y, but you get how awesome it is!  I just love color and my guest bedroom really needed some.  I hope that was enjoyable!

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  1. Hey there! Thanks for commenting on my blog, you were the first!! Isn't it exciting checking your stats and seeing them grow and knowing there are others out there that appreciate your finds? Well, I will add you to my follow list and if you have interest in the things I talk about on my blog, please do the same!
    Oh, and if you are in need of pyrex, and cant find what you want thrifting, check out my etsy store, Vintage Dreams.

  2. I love your globe Just started following you I am also on Ebay Underground

  3. Nice finds. I am in the middle of relocating and cannot buy much stuff. I am happy looking at what others are buying :)