Thursday, October 20, 2011

Finally, A Little Time for a Mid-Week Post!

Right now, we are watching the U of A football game and we are WINNING!  It has been a while so this is exciting news!

Onto the good stuff.  So I forgot my cell phone at home the other day so I drove back from work really quickly to grab it.  Well, just thought I would pop in to the thrift store that is right on the way back to work.  I have really been wanting to find some nice Pyrex lately (I am getting SOOO addicted!) and although I never have had luck at this shop with Pyrex, I hit paydirt!  A full set of four Cinderella Mixing Bowls in the Orange and Yellow Daisy Pattern!  They are absolutely beautiful!  I picked up all four for a total of $7.50!!!  As I walked up to the register the lady who rang me up told me that I found a really great deal, and I told her how excited I was to finally find some great Pyrex here!  She was shocked that someone my age (20-something) knew about the wonders of Pyrex.  Oh if only she knew about my new OBSESSION! Check out my find with some close-ups of the wear on the pour spouts, these bowls have been loved!

 So artsy, makes me think my pictures are getting better!

Here's a cool find that my boyfriend had!  He has been joining me on thrift adventures mostly to look for vintage cast iron, and he found some!  He is such a pro and he is always quick to say, "Hey Chels, there's some Pyrex over here!"

And here's a little gem that I found not too long ago, a Matson gold plated mirror, to be used as a tray or hanging mirror!

I also thought I would show you guys my work space at the office!  There are lots of thrifted treasures here, and stuff from Ross!
 My office-mate and I decided on an animal print/Africa theme.  Then we sort of moved to whatever we felt was awesome enough for our office...

 Sooo, my office-mate/good friend Kelsey and I found this gem at a swap meet and couldn't pass it up.  I don't know if it was the overly-elaborated metallic plastic peacock, or the fake roses under the clock face, but it just... called to us.  YES, it works...  I haggled this baby from $9 to $5.  Most people would pay $0.00, but this little bit of magnificence needed a home in our office!

We were on the lookout for the perfect panther for a few months, and then I came across this handsome beast at a Hobby Lobby when I was visiting my parents in Phoenix, score!

Since we are Animal Science majors who mostly deal with livestock, this is the bull which I picked up from my grandmother's Fiesta-themed birthday party!

My trusty boots, they get lots of use and are well-loved!

That's all, just thought I would share a little bit of me this time!  I am hoping to hit an estate sale on Saturday where I spotted a full set of Pyrex fridgies, which I also spotted a couple at the same estate sale company's shop, so I might have to hit them both!  Hoping to have more great finds for you soon!

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  1. It's a good thing you stopped at the shop - great set - lucky you!!

  2. The Pyrex is amazing, and a full set for such a great price, totally jealous!

  3. very jealous of the pyrex I found a small yellow mixing bowl and brown one which I should have bought but did not Im holding out for a full set which I doubt will ever happen

  4. Love the Pyrex and I am very envious of the cast iron skillet. Fabulous finds ❤

  5. Super cute Pyrex, I love that pattern!! You might want to try taking photos in natural light with no flash - softens them up a bit. And we're watching UW (Wisconsin)football - WINNING! Go Badgers! :) Gotta love football season! ~ Jenny

  6. Ohhhh i love your Pyrex! Soooo much! Gonna feature you on the blog Friday. Thank you for linking up at Cap Creations, join us each Friday!