Sunday, October 2, 2011

First Post! Welcome to my Brassiness!

Thanks for visiting my blog!  First, as a disclaimer, I will tell you that things will get better eventually!  Well, I guess that is great advice for anyone in a rut, but what I am really talking about is that this is my first blog and it is a work in progress!  I hope my pictures, layout, design, posts themselves, etc. will evolve over time with experience.

Now you are NOT here to read a little introduction, right?  Yeah, that's on the side bar, blah, blah, blah, so here is the good stuff!  I've been really hitting some great finds thrifting lately, and these are some recent amazing finds, I hope you enjoy them!  Right now, I am picking up a lot of things I like mixed with a combination of things that might be somewhat valuable (that I still like).  I am new to all this, so any input on stuff to pass on and stuff to snap up would be SO very helpful!

First off is a great little piano shaped music box I picked up from Savers.  It was so cute I couldn't just let it sit there!  I have a soft spot for music boxes, it's nostalgia or something that just makes my heart smile.  It opens at the top and you can place some small treasure or jewelry in there-- I have some fun earrings and pendants I picked up recently.

Next up is the ceramic dog ($1.50) and the brass picture frame ($2.00).  Yep, first evidence of my obsession!  The ceramic dog came from a Goodwill and the frame came from a shop that does Estate Sales.  If you are wondering who that beautiful creature is in the picture frame, that is photographic evidence of the most amazingly terrible, smart, sweet, rambunctious, protective/loyal dog in the WORLD.  Her name is Scout, she is a rescue from a local group here in town who normally rescues pit bulls, so every time we (try) to go to the dog bark she bullies all the pits around like its her job.  She has somehow squirmed her way into our heart, and now she is stuck there. Like heartworm.

Next is one of the four purses I have picked up recently.  This one is by Jaclyn U.S.A. and is super neato.  It is a very shiny material, vinyl maybe?  I was hoping to post it on Etsy, and it also came with the original Jaclyn tag.  $3.30 for this baby and I think it's cute!  Would go great with an awesome retro outfit, plus it is accordian-style so it can fit A LOT!  I'm thinking it is just big enough to fit an iPad in one of the pockets, but then there is still 2 more!  Oh the possibilities!

Last is this beautiful amber bowl that is so adorable, and was only $1.50.  I just love the designs on the outside, it is so detailed!  Yes, the picture is a little dark, but remember, it's all a work in progress!

I hope to get more followers, please leave me a comment to let me know how I am doing, I would love to hear from you!

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  1. Hey! Congrats on the new blog!

    Just wanted to let you know that if you want thrifting/reselling tips, what to look for, etc...there's a free group that I belong to that has TONS of info.

    it's free to join and you ccan look in the free reference section. Bunch of Google docs of brands to look for, etc..There's so much info, you won't believe it. It's also very active, so if you have'll get quick responses.
    Feel free to come check us out.

    there's a listing contest going on right now too.

  2. Welcome to blogging! You've got a good start here - sounds like you'll fit right into the thrifty niche :)

  3. love the blog name! can't wait to see what you find. good luck!

  4. love the music box Cute dog Looking forward to reading more of your blogs

  5. Following with GFC, this is Mindie from Bacon Time. Love the blog name. Hope you will link up each week and share what you are up to.