Sunday, October 23, 2011

Purses and Pyrex, Oh My!

Hey everyone!  So this weekend I discovered where the REALLY awesome cheap things are-- Rummage Sales!  There are not really any flea markets in Tucson, but there seem to be a lot of rummage sales going on for churches, charities, etc, which makes it feel even better when I buy stuff, I'm buying and helping at the same time!

Well, I am going to have to divide up my finds into a couple posts, and first we will start with the giant purse haul I brought in!  A total of 9 purses for a total of $9!!! Can't beat that!

I found that when I had the woven leather clutch in my Etsy shop, I had lots of hits on it, so when I saw this woven leather purse at a rummage sale I grabbed it right away!  I think it has the perfect amount of wear (or love) on it so that it isn't beat up, just in great vintage condition.

I got this at the same rummage sale.  These were the first two that I picked up and I held on to them tight!    This one is a hard case and has so many great details to it, almost like a mini-suitcase!  As I was holding these and continuing to "rummage" a volunteer for the sale came up to me and told me that she was the one who donated these!  She told me how she bought them in India and used them for years until she decided they would find a better home at this sale!  Well, for now they have an intermediate home, but I sure will get them to exactly the right person!

I love the colors on this one!  It is very retro and the little gold detail is awesome!  It has a long strap or can be used as a clutch.

This little bitty beaded clutch has a handle and apparently is Made In Czechoslovakia, which isn't even a country any more, which is pretty neat!

Next is a little velvet polka dot clutch with a cute little transparent yellow zipper pull!  Sometimes it is really the little things that make a piece so interesting!

A little more woven leather for you!  I really like how the smooth and the rough side of the leather makes such a neat checkerboard pattern!

What a great color, right?  This bag is made by Letisse and is so interesting!  The bow is not really my taste, but the bag overall just really had something that called to me!  The top opening is the kind that has a magnet built in and its rigity closes itself.  That's a feature I really haven't seen in a while (besides those cheap change purses...), which is another interesting aspect!

Another leather clutch, this one is made in Italy.  It has great texture and a simple-yet-sophisticated look!

Let me just say I really LOVE this little bag.  I love it so much that I took it out for a little night on the town on Saturday, it just was perfect with my outfit so I had to!  I think the chain is super neat and the closing clasp is cool, too!  The only downside is that it needs a little repair and some of the inside seams are separating.  I hope that someone else might still see the beauty in this, I will price it accordingly, so I hope someone snaps it up quick!

All right and now for Pyrex!  In my last post I mentioned how I saw some fridgies on an estate sale website, this is the pictures from their website:

Obviously the first one was easy to spot, that was at their shop so they have pictures of individual items.  The in-home one was a little more difficult, but my eyes went right to that full set of fridgies right away!!!
I had to develop a strategy:  the in-home sale started at 7am and the store sale started at 9am.  I decided to show up at the home sale at 6am to get my line number (14) and after I left there, hit a rummage sale then go to the shop.  I realized that I wouldn't get real close to the front of the line at the shop, but I figured everyone else would be going mostly towards the furniture.  I got my fridgies at the home sale and there was so much more, so I spent a little time there!  I will show off my other items soon!
When I got to the shop, I grabbed my number for my spot in line-- 26.  Not bad, but not great.  I was still there 45 minutes before open and they had a bunch of chairs out front, so I sat and enjoyed the cool morning for a while.  As I was sitting there, a man approached me and asked what number I had, I told him and he said, "Give me your number."  Not demanding or anything, but I didn't really know what he was doing!  I thought he was joking so I said "No, I need this to get in!"  He said he would trade me and he handed me a folded up number once I handed him mine.  I opened it and it was the number 2!  He told me he had gotten there at 3am!  At this place you can get a limit of 2 numbers (in case you were getting one from a friend, etc.) so he grabbed two just so he could give the second one away!  I told him that was so nice of him and that I really appreciated it, cool right?!

Well here is what I got from both sales:

A full set of Spring Blossom Green and a 1.5 quart and 1.5 cup Gooseberry fridgie, I got all of what I wanted and more!

I also stopped at a thrift store near my work and picked up this cute little Avon owl bottle.  As I discovered on ebayunderground, people don't really buy Avon bottles much, so you should stay away from them, but this one was too cute to pass up, and it's box was adorable, too!  People really love owls right now, so it will go into my Etsy shop!

I am a little tired so I will link up tomorrow, but I will have more pictures later this week of everything from this weekend!  Oh and a little tidbit that I learned was that next week, the estate sale company will be having their sale at a hoarder's house.  They said that most everything is new in box!  I am hoping for some NIB Pyrex, but that might be dreaming big!  I cannot wait until they post their pictures on Thursday!!!!  I will maybe make a post about what I will be running for!  Sounds like another early Saturday for me!


  1. What a great weekend you had!!!

  2. I love your pyrex finds! Especially the pink gooseberry. And that liitle owl is just too cute.