About Me

Hi all!  Thanks for visiting my blog!  Curious about me not in a creepy way?  Then read on!

My name is Chelsea and I am a student at the University of Arizona in Tucson, where the weather is hot, but not as hot as Phoenix (where I'm from originally!).  I am a graduate student pursuing a degree in Animal Sciences with a focus in Reproductive Physiology, with my ultimate goal of switching to humans to do in vitro fertilization.  Right now I work with horses flushing embryos etc. which is a VERY dirty job, in fact, I am pretty sure an equine breeding manager was featured on the Discovery Channel show Dirty Jobs!

Anyways enough about how I am always covered in horse poop, you want to hear about my thrifting adventures!  Well, I can't really pinpoint a "it all started when..." so I will just say I remember when my sister got really into vintage clothes and going around to all the different shops with her.  I was always a little more interested in the housewares and accessories sections because I could scan them quickly and I didn't have to dig through racks of clothes!  I am now a little more patient with clothes, but little is the key word.  It isn't uncommon for me to hit up a thrift store and leave after 5 minutes of browsing housewares, accessories and furniture.

I LOVE absolutely LOVE brass things.  All kinds, but my very favorite are brass animal statues.  I really need more for my brass animal collection because as of the start of this blog, all I have is an elephant!  I have lots of other brassy goodness though, some of my favorites being my little hourglass, my Asian-style fan, and my little ring dish with a little birdie perched on the edge!

I also really love to craft and redo some old and tired items.  I don't always have a lot of time for crafts, so most of mine are spray-paint quickie little crafts, but they are always fun!  I always have ideas brewing, but it is a matter of time and money when they get completed!  
I redid this ordinary office chair into fabulousness!  I was featured on Lindsey's blog Better After,  you can see the post by clicking here!

Well, I hope you enjoy it here, I am always available to take your comments, thanks!