Monday, May 7, 2012

Pyrex Madness!

I know that I post a lot about Pyrex on here, and this is another one of those posts, sorry!  Since I have been limiting myself to what I am buying, I think I am going to stick to Pyrex to resell on ebay.  It isn't overwhelming, I know what to look for, or I can easily find the prices/values of different pieces.  Plus they are so beautiful, I hate passing them by!  Take a look at my pretty little haul from this weekend:

Well, included in this are a couple other Pyrex pieces I have picked up recently, but most everything is from this weekend.  Yes, that suitcase is also new!  It went half off this week and I was able to get it for $5.  I have decided that I will use these are a couple other suitcases in my future creative space in the new house to hold all my craft supplies!  I figure that they are awesome looking, why not by useful?!

So on to the Pyrex.  As I mentioned in my mobile update I picked up the largest refrigerator dish from the primary set, the yellow one!  It has the old style lid and is really in beautiful condition!

I had certain dishes I was eyeballing at the Estate Sale shop because someone was unloading their collection.  I know that I have to hold back and not just get everything, so I had to leave a few like some Pink Daisy Casserole & Divided Dish, Dandelion Duet Divided Dish, another Lace Medallion Large Casserole, and 2 aqua mixing bowls.  Oh that was hard...  But I did get my hands on this:

Yes, it isn't your computer screen, that there is some ORANGE BUTTERPRINT!  How did I go from never ever seeing Butterprint to all of the sudden finding it in such a rare color!  I put this baby on ebay and it sold within minutes to someone local, so I don't even have to ship.  Glorious.

This dish had been hanging out at the shop for a while and was half off, so I couldn't just leave it there! It was in such nice shape, hopefully someone out there wants this uncommon pattern.  It is known as Golden Wreath according to PyreXfiles.  What do you think?  Color is a little mustardy, but it is festive looking.

This Blue Scrolls bowl was a a definite *NEED TO BUY* with the orange butterprint.  These sell for quite a bit on ebay, and they are absolutely beautiful.  Hopefully someone picks this one up on ebay from me, maybe it will be you?

Also on my Saturday list was the annual "Weird Plant Sale" at the Tucson Botanical Gardens.  I love plant sales.  There, I said it!  I really love cactus and succulents so when I heard that one of my favorite sales was this weekend, I knew I had to go!  Conveniently, the estate sale I went to started at 7am, the plant sale started at 8am, and the estate sale shop opened at 9am.  So I was up early and very busy, but I loved it!  Here are some pictures from the plant sale, I ended up picking up two new cacti for my garden (not pictured).

Lots of great plants and funky pottery, plus I got to peruse some of the gardens for free!  What a beautiful morning!

Finally, I got to do my toes with a little neon pink, you like?

I hope to be posting more from now on, my last final (EVER) is tomorrow!  I will be traveling between Phoenix and Tucson a lot this summer because I will have a part time job in Phoenix, so exciting!  Hopefully I can hit some of the awesome thrifts and second hand furniture stores up there to decorate my new home!  Thanks for stopping by, have a wonderful start to your week!


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  1. What a great find - the orange Butterprint!! I can only dream of ever finding one of those..... Like the other pieces you found too!!

  2. Great finds! The patterns are really pretty :)
    Greetings from Australia♥

  3. Great finds! I had no idea that the Butterprint pattern came in orange. The fridgies are great scores too.

  4. Orange Butterprint? I had no idea that even existed! How VERY cool!!

  5. Yowza! Great score you lucky duck!!!

  6. I Love Pyrex. I've got some myself. I don't know what I'd do without them!

  7. you know I love your Pyrex. My yellow fridge dish was holding the cheese for the taco's on Cinco de Mayo!

  8. Pyrex is really making a comeback. You have some very nice pieces. What I have seen, is very costly.

  9. Love your pyrex, and some really great patters and colors. I don't know how anyone does without pyrex! Love the toes too! Thanks for sharing your creative inspiration over at Sunday's Best!

  10. Love the blue with swirls. It's so fun to see what is considered vintage were wedding gifts when I got married! I still have a set of pyrex bowls. Visiting from Vintage Thursday, hope you can come by. Blessings, Debbie

  11. Hi and what great Pyrex pieces you've found! I look occationally for Pyrex and all the shops seen to have caught on - their prices are too high.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  12. Weird plant sale, love that! Great pyrex finds - I don't think I've seen the orange before?!

  13. Too pretty to pass up indeed! Pyrex is simply wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing at Cap Creations.

  14. You do find some great Pyrex deals. You are inspiring me to try selling more of it. I featured you on Restyled Sundays this week. Thanks for sharing again.