Friday, December 30, 2011

Holiday Haul!

Hi all!  Well, I am finally home (only to leave again tomorrow, so my shop is still in vacation mode) so I had a little time today to take some pictures!  I decided I would take a group shot rather than a bunch of single shots, because I am not listing these items for a while, until I make my own photo box like Rachael did recently!  I can't wait to make my pictures look more professional, they need it!

So I will start from the left and list all of what is in this picture:
-Set of 7 vintage brass drawer pulls
-2.5 Quart Spring Blossom Green Casserole w/Lid
-1 Pint Butterprint Serve and Store Casserole w/Lid
-Family of 3 Silver Plated Glass Llamas, Made in Peru
-Brass Bird Cage
-Brass Dolphin Door Knocker
-Snack Set
-1.5 Cup Spring Blossom Refrigerator Dish w/Lid
-Vintage Postal Scale
-Westclox Babyben, not working, but still cool looking!
-Anchor Glass Serva Snack set in box
-1.5 Quart Orange Refrigerator Dish w/Lid

These are things I have picked up over the holiday break, I have been so lucky!  I was so excited when I first found the Spring Blossom fridgie for $1.99 at a Goodwill, only to go to the next aisle to find the orange one for $3.99!

The little family of silver plated llamas (hanging out on top of the spring blossom casserole) I found at a Savers and they are actually quite valuable.  Two are very ornate, where one of the is very simple.  The ornate ones have stickers on them that say made in Peru, Silver Plated 925, etc., which is way cool!  I found them in the "bag" section at Savers where they have an entire wall of small bagged knick knacks! I love finding treasures in that section!  That is also where I found the vintage drawer pulls, I love vintage hardware!

Actually, come to think of it, the dolphin door knocker was in that section too.  I was looking at it for about 5 minutes racking my brain on what it could be, "Some kind of desk thing?" I was thinking to myself, when my boyfriend came over and was like, "Oh what's that?  A dolphin door knocker, that's cool, people love dolphin stuff."  Haha he is getting way better than me at all of this!

So today is when I picked up the Butterprint Serve and Store, it is my first find of Butterprint and I got it at a garage sale!  I know, I NEVER go to garage sales because I am disappointed by the loads of kids clothes, toys and plastic junk I see at 90% of yard/garage sales I go to.  This one looked cool, the ad stated that it was a boyfriend and girlfriend selling goods from each of their grandmothers, it was in a historic, nice neighborhood so I knew it was worth a shot!  I lucked out here!  In addition to the butterprint, I picked up a couple other pieces of Pyrex which are now soaking in the sink, I will post pictures soon, one of them will be staying in my personal collection!

Here is a set of four pink Pyrex dishes, 3 cake dishes and 1 square casserole baking dish.  They are all various shades, which I thought was cool!  They are currently listed on ebay as a set, hopefully I will get some attention here!  They are all in pretty nice condition, besides some scuffing from use!

The 2.5 quart Spring Blossom Pyrex casserole is also on ebay, here is a closeup, this is the one my boyfriend picked up for me all by himself!  He of course reaps the benefits from sales!

Last but not least, a pictures of my flower mold crafting products, ta da!  They were a big hit at Christmas!

Hope you enjoyed!  I will try to take some more pictures of a few other things tonight so I have some material for you all while I am on vacation!  Hope everyone has a HAPPY NEW YEAR! :)

Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays!

Hi there everyone!  So yes, I promised a post a while back and didn't deliver, and unfortunately, I again have only a little to share today!  I have been busy crafting all my Christmas presents (pictures below) and shopping for those who need other presents!  My boyfriend even when thrifting for me when he was back home for a few days without my and he picked up some wonderful things for me!  Take a looksy at these pictures that are not mine, but are appropriately credited!

This is such a cute little snack set that is available in Rachael's Etsy shop Vintage Dreams.  The one he picked up for me is a little different but it stacks like this and is just precious.  Oh, and go take a look at Rachael's shop (link above), she has recently done a complete makeover on her shop and it looks awesome!

This is a 1.5 Quart Pyrex Spring Blossom Green casserole dish.  I love its size and beautiful lid!  This picture is courtesy of an ebay listing.

Now as I said, I have been crafting my Christmas presents, I will show some pictures of finished products, but I decided to make jewelry for all the women in my family, and so far, I think it is a hit!  I made all the flowers below with a mold from an Etsy shop, but they seem to have shut down their shop... However, if you are interested in making these, there are lots of Etsy shops that carry a variety of flower molds, I got one mold that had 13 different flowers, and it came with two single flower molds as a special gift!  Here's the product:
Sorry it is a little blurry, the picture came from my phone!  The little silver dish is a thrifted gem that I absolutely love as well!  I will post some pictures of finished jewelry soon, and maybe do a giveaway with the extra stuff that I have!

Well here is something silly I found at the Goodwill but did not buy.  If you are not familiar with the movie The Fifth Element, then I suggest watching it.
Have any of you found any weird stuff at the thrift stores lately?  Tell me about it!

So, as a little teaser, I did go thrifting today and picked up some great stuff (hint, fridgies!), I hope to take some cell phone pictures and update you all soon!  


Linking up again, finally!  Oh how I have missed my linky parties!  I will add as I find time!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Living in the Land of the Lost!

Hey all!  Sorry it has been a while since my last post, but it has been a very busy past couple of weeks.  I finished up my first semester of graduate school and got right into surgery with getting my wisdom teeth out!  Now that was just yesterday morning and I am already feeling so much better, it seems like it will be a quick recovery! (Knock on wood!)  Anyways, I have had some great finds recently, but since I have been out of town, I have had NO opportunities to take pictures!  I have some pictures today, even though they are not mine (eek!), but here they are:

Okay now all are Pyrex, so here goes nothing:

This is a Golden Honeysuckle 1.5 Qt.  I love finding the goldleaf Pyrex, they are just so beautiful!

I really didn't realize until I was looking up this next Pyrex piece that the patterns are almost exactly the same, but the next pattern is green on white:

Last up are a set of Spring Blossom mugs that I found at the Goodwill, a set of 4 or 5 I think.  They were just too cute too pass up and I knew when I picked them up and felt how sturdy they were that it was definitely Pyrex and not Corelle.  Now don't get me wrong, Corelle is nice, but it all seems so fragile!  I love the heft of Pyrex!

Oh and another quick update, my Etsy showcase was on Sunday and I seem to have rocked it!  5 items sold in one day, which is a personal best I believe!  As soon as I get back from this long vacation I need to RESTOCK, and sign up for another spot!

Happy Holidays everyone!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Catching Up On Life

Hi all!
As the semester is winding down, my workload is again increasing!  After my last little break you guys came back to support me and I appreciate that and hope you will do it again!  After about next Wednesday I will be freed up and ready to put my love back into blogging!  In the mean time, I have one (yeah, sad I know) picture to share with you of some PINK Pyrex I picked up today!  This picture is from the estate sale shop's website, there were actually three of the pink pie plates and the square baking dish as well.  I got into the shop and could NOT find these dishes anywhere!  I went right to the kitchen ware area and passed by them 3x before I found them tucked away behind some Fire King dishes!  I grabbed all four, $4 a piece!  I also saw a charcoal casserole with the lid, but I didn't get it because the snowflakes were really faded... I might go back and look to see if it is still there in a couple days!

I did actually pick up a charcoal snowflake divided casserole over Thanksgiving weekend, and I have made a little decision to myself.  I have decided to *slowly* develop my own Pyrex collection of black and white Pyrex.  I decided this after finding the Black Tulip Promotional Casserole and the charcoal snowflake.  I couldn't bring myself to put the promotional Black Tulip on ebay, it was just too beautiful!

I have also recently purchased some beautiful flower molds from a shop on Etsy (will post the link soon, lots of beautiful molds and great customer service all the way from Ukraine!).  I have made two batches of flowers so far and they are so beautiful!  I will be making them as Christmas presents for family, and possibly we will have some blogger appreciation here close to the holidays and I will send out some earrings, pendants, necklaces, etc.!  So stay tuned!  I will be posting pictures soon, don't forget about me, I will still be lurking!