Saturday, December 17, 2011

Living in the Land of the Lost!

Hey all!  Sorry it has been a while since my last post, but it has been a very busy past couple of weeks.  I finished up my first semester of graduate school and got right into surgery with getting my wisdom teeth out!  Now that was just yesterday morning and I am already feeling so much better, it seems like it will be a quick recovery! (Knock on wood!)  Anyways, I have had some great finds recently, but since I have been out of town, I have had NO opportunities to take pictures!  I have some pictures today, even though they are not mine (eek!), but here they are:

Okay now all are Pyrex, so here goes nothing:

This is a Golden Honeysuckle 1.5 Qt.  I love finding the goldleaf Pyrex, they are just so beautiful!

I really didn't realize until I was looking up this next Pyrex piece that the patterns are almost exactly the same, but the next pattern is green on white:

Last up are a set of Spring Blossom mugs that I found at the Goodwill, a set of 4 or 5 I think.  They were just too cute too pass up and I knew when I picked them up and felt how sturdy they were that it was definitely Pyrex and not Corelle.  Now don't get me wrong, Corelle is nice, but it all seems so fragile!  I love the heft of Pyrex!

Oh and another quick update, my Etsy showcase was on Sunday and I seem to have rocked it!  5 items sold in one day, which is a personal best I believe!  As soon as I get back from this long vacation I need to RESTOCK, and sign up for another spot!

Happy Holidays everyone!

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  1. hey there, nice to see your post! when you say showcase, what do you mean? sounds like something i might want to try with my etsy store!
    thanks doll :)