Saturday, December 3, 2011

Catching Up On Life

Hi all!
As the semester is winding down, my workload is again increasing!  After my last little break you guys came back to support me and I appreciate that and hope you will do it again!  After about next Wednesday I will be freed up and ready to put my love back into blogging!  In the mean time, I have one (yeah, sad I know) picture to share with you of some PINK Pyrex I picked up today!  This picture is from the estate sale shop's website, there were actually three of the pink pie plates and the square baking dish as well.  I got into the shop and could NOT find these dishes anywhere!  I went right to the kitchen ware area and passed by them 3x before I found them tucked away behind some Fire King dishes!  I grabbed all four, $4 a piece!  I also saw a charcoal casserole with the lid, but I didn't get it because the snowflakes were really faded... I might go back and look to see if it is still there in a couple days!

I did actually pick up a charcoal snowflake divided casserole over Thanksgiving weekend, and I have made a little decision to myself.  I have decided to *slowly* develop my own Pyrex collection of black and white Pyrex.  I decided this after finding the Black Tulip Promotional Casserole and the charcoal snowflake.  I couldn't bring myself to put the promotional Black Tulip on ebay, it was just too beautiful!

I have also recently purchased some beautiful flower molds from a shop on Etsy (will post the link soon, lots of beautiful molds and great customer service all the way from Ukraine!).  I have made two batches of flowers so far and they are so beautiful!  I will be making them as Christmas presents for family, and possibly we will have some blogger appreciation here close to the holidays and I will send out some earrings, pendants, necklaces, etc.!  So stay tuned!  I will be posting pictures soon, don't forget about me, I will still be lurking!


  1. Always look forward to your posts, Chels! Loving the pink Pyrex and can't wait to see photos of the charcoal and molds!

  2. I wouldn't part with the Tulip either - hope I find one some day.....

  3. wow I never find pink pyrex Lucky you