Monday, November 21, 2011

Now with Better Pictures!

First of all, shout out to Oasis Accents for featuring my computer to aquarium redo.  Unfortunately, little Nash passed away this weekend, although I can't help but think he was faking it because, well, "All drains lead to the ocean!"  No really it made me sad, but I am sure he is happy wherever he is!

I decided to try something new with my picture-taking for listing on Etsy.  I have been offered some wise advise to use natural light, problem is that my house is a box-like thing and if it isn't the perfect time of day, there's nowhere to take a picture.  I love seeing outside pictures on Etsy, so that is what I decided on.  It is amazing how wonderful your poorly up-kept wooden fence looks in the background of a photo!  And the cafe chair made a very nice stage!  I will however be on the lookout for a better stage next time, it did get a little busy with the wiring of the chair!

I will start with my absolute FAVORITE pictures and probably my second favorite item.  A gorgeous vintage hat!  I know I have been looking for a vintage horse riding helmet, but this kind of sufficed for now, it is so beautiful:

Do you like this artsy pic?  It makes me :)

Here's a really neat suitcase from the estate sale.  The sale ended up being so crowded it was almost not worth it, but I did get some nice stuff.  All the beautiful glass that I posted was Blenko Glass but it was SOOOO expensive that I really couldn't get it.  Nobody else had touched it either (I was the 110th person in line so there were lots of collectors who probably saw it), which confirms how overpriced they were.

Now THIS is cool.  A desk fan made to look like a jet engine!  Not super valuable, but there haven't ever been many on ebay and the ones that are on there sell with quite a few bids.  I was actually considering giving this to my boyfriend's dad for Christmas, but when I showed it to my boyfriend he said he wanted it!  So now we aren't really sure what to do with it!  Another item in its original box with original directions, and oh yeah IT WORKS!

Vintage Pyrex dish from the Estate Sale that is a little bland, but I was hoping someone might like the fall colors.  I haven't seen it on Pyrex Love soooo, I don't even know if it is cool or not.  I guess it is worth what some people want to pay!

Another find from the Estate Sale, this cool wood and cardboard globe on a stand.  As with the other globe I found, this one has misplaced panels.  I guess it is better for display than for geography purposes!  It has a Zodiac theme to it as well!

M.I. Hummel Golden Anniversary hardcover book with dust cover:

Look at how awesome this retro yellow lamp is, isn't it just great!  Well the bulb it came with works and so does the whole lamp!  It has two intensity settings, which I think is a very cool feature.

There was quite a few decks of cards at the Savers, I think somebody dumped a collection.  I recognized the Congress cards from the dog cards I found a while back.  They don't get a lot of attention on Etsy, but they are really neat, hopefully someone finds them that will love all their designs!

I found three beautiful silver plated dishes, they have so much detail!  The two below are the ones that are in my Etsy shop, but there is a third that I am keeping.  The third has handles and so much detail and wonderful design, I knew I couldn't part with it.

Two briefcases, I know I got a little sloppy here, but I was getting tired, and I hate taking pictures of briefcases!  People really love them in my shop so hopefully they will go quickly...

This was an Estate Sale find, two brass belt buckles, a banjo and a violin.  Seems like the previous owner used these as some sort of hangings.

Light switch plates!  Vintage hardware does pretty well in my shop.

A couple large industrial spools.  I think the pink one was painted that color later as part of some sort of craft or decoration, but the paint is chipping to show the green underneath, I think it gives it a really wonderful look.

Brass lion, he is so ferocious!

This is such a cool old tape measure with cloth tape.  It is 50 feet!  I wanted to see how long it was so I kept pulling the tape out to see where it ended.  My boyfriend walked by, asked what I was doing and I told him, he said it probably said it on there and sure enough, it read "50 FT" on the side.  This was when I was at 34 feet...  Blonde moment!

I had so many places mapped out to go to and lots of them were such a bust.  Rummage sales with lots of junk, picked through sales and thrift stores, and lots of dead ends, even a sale I couldn't find!  The neighborhood where the Estate Sale was had its annual yard sales. TIP: Avoid ANNUAL yard sales, they have been picked through multiple times and you probably won't get any really unique items.  Well, I guess unless it is a First Annual Sale!  Or a rummage sale, because lots of people contribute to those!  The tape measure above was a gem I found at a different yard sale that I thought didn't look promising and I almost drove right by it!

Wait, wait!!! I'm not done, I have saved the best for last!  This is my first favorite item, second to the hat, both of which were picked up at a Value Village.  Most people seem to have really AWESOME Value Village Thrift Stores, but mine is awful.  There is never Pyrex and I rarely find anything good there, except furniture, but I really don't need anymore of that in my house!
Sooo, were you wondering why that heart is offset?  I sure was, because it looked to me like all the hands were in their proper place.  I thought for a second it might be one of those things that are like snow globes and they have liquid and little confetti things that float around in it (that is so vague, but hopefully you catch my drift).  Well, that's what I thought it was and that maybe the liquid had come out.  I picked it up because I figured it might not work, but it was so sweet, it needed a home.  Patti made this awesome post about old clocks and it made me so jealous, I wanted a clock collection!  Patti talked about how special her clocks were even if they didn't work.  Well when I got home, I popped out the old battery, cleaned out some battery acid and washed my hands thoroughly (for safety reasons), and put in a new battery.  I immediately heard the ticking and was overjoyed!  When I turned the clock over I saw that offset heart moving and I couldn't believe it, it is the seconds hand!  The little black hand is for the alarm!  Genius, right!  Right now it is ticking away on my vanity, making me smile every time I look at it, as if to say "I Love You for saving me from the thrift store and bringing me back to life!"

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

What I've Got My Eyeballs On!

I thought I would show you all a post with pictures from my favorite estate sale company. They have sales actually at estates, and they also have a shop. The actual estate sale looks like it will be a big one. The place looks packed full of TONS of collectibles, dolls, collectors toys and games, pots and pans, more dolls, star trek things (!), and more awesome stuff! This is what I am keeping my eyes on, let's see if I can make a mental catalog so when I get there I can grab all this stuff! The sale starts at 8am, but I will probably show up at about 6:30am to get a number for my place in line! Go big or go home, right?

I love the curves on this chair, plus it looks like it would be easy to redo, I am thinking a black coat of paint and some sweet fabric.  Hopefully it isn't priced to high, and if it isn't, hopefully it will fit in my car...

Some rollers to sell on ebay?  I have done pretty well with them in the past, we'll see!

Oodles of beautiful glassware, yes PLEASE!  Only at the right price though...

I can see this globe being expensive, but it is oh so classy!

Cool clock!

I don't know what but that leather case looks interesting to me...

I spy with my little eye... a few pieces of Pyrex!  Also some other great items tucked in there, a candle holder, scale (possibly vintagey coolness), etc.

May have to pick up an Enterprise model for the man, just for nerd status purposes... (But I bet they are expensive...)

At the shop: some brassy goodness

French press, possibly Pyrex?  I guess we will see!

Thanks for stopping by, wish me luck on snapping these items up!  I will get nasty if need be!  Ah probably not, let's face it I'm not that mean!  

I also wanted to bring up really quick how nervous I am for promoting my items on Etsy for the first time.  I paid for a slot on Sunday 12/6, hopefully just in time for people to find the right holiday goodies for their loved ones!  I am not sure if it will be worth it or not, but just in case, I will be sure to have everything stocked up by then!  Wish me luck for that, too!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Gearing Up For the Weekend Already!

Hello all my wonderful readers!  I want to first off thank all of you for the wonderful and nice comments you guys leave, I absolutely LOVE reading them, and replying to those of you who have your emails attached to your usernames!  The great thing about comments is that you guys seem to spread them out nicely!  New comments are emailed to me and all my emails go to my phone, so I wake up to comments, get them during work, or in the evenings, and they always make me smile!  Thanks for making me smile!

Well now, here are some pictures of some thrifts I've found recently.  Some I just haven't gotten around to taking pictures of for a while, but they are still wonderful!

First up is a 1.5L Pyrex Pitcher in Butterfly Gold.  I have searched all over the internet (which includes searching, ebay, and Etsy) and have not found this pitcher, any ideas?  Well it has Pyrex label, capacity, etc., so I know it is Pyrex.  Hopefully someone out there has been looking for this beautiful little piece!

The great thing is that the design is in wonderful shape!

Next up are some cute mugs I found at the same shop as the pitcher, a Fire King red/white mug and a Pyrex Snowflake Blue mug.  I love the design on the Fire King, but I am REALLY loving the size of the Pyrex.  Both are in my Etsy shop at the moment, but I am thinking of just taking down the Pyrex mug and putting it in my cupboard!

Speaking of Pyrex!  Haha yes, I have kept my eagle eye very open for it lately!  Here is a Woodland Brown bowl I picked up at an estate sale:

These Goebel puppies are so adorable.  I looked around but couldn't find a good site to identify these dogs exactly, but the stamp on the bottom tells me they were made between 1972 and 1979.  There was a third dog included, but it was crushed, I mean in a million pieces.  All three were in a bag together, I don't know how the other two made it out without a crack!

Apparently I have been really into glasswares!  Here are two gilded Wawel of Poland tea cups with saucers.  They are really very beautiful!

Also, something I have been watching out for lately is vintage suitcases and briefcases.  The briefcases seem to do well in my Etsy shop, and the suitcases are just cool, and I think would have the same fate as the briefcases, but I haven't found one cool enough until now...

Check out the AMAZING interior!  The design is beautiful and it also has a few zipper pockets!
That is so cool, I can't wait to put it on Etsy, I think of some very chic fashionable girl finding it and toting it around for all her world travels!

Just a little end note on something I have been really loving lately.  You can just start calling me Milton because I love staplers now.  The first one I got kind of on accident, I was at a rummage sale and that was one of only 2 things that I found cool.  It was for a charity so I felt bad leaving empty handed so I got it for $0.10.  That was the middle one, the Tot.  Next came the red Swingline Cub for $0.99.  The red and silver one came from another rummage sale for a different charity.  They were just about to pack up and my boyfriend found something he wanted, so I thought I would pick up the stapler that I saw, just so I had something.  That one I got for $0.25.  Here they are in all their glory:
So after stapler #3 I thought, "Hey, now I have a collection, I should go search on Etsy for more!"  I did and all it got me was wanting to find more awesome staplers at rummage sales and thrift stores.  Most were more than what I would pay (and with my current theme, that seems to be under $1), so I just ogled at some of the more beautiful ones, like this one:
I love the two tone!  I also love that it is a "Scout" stapler, that's my dog's name, so it pulls at my heartstrings!  This person has an awesome Etsy shop with tons of awesome vintage items that I love, go check out SOS Vintage if you get a chance!

Well, that is it for now, but as the name of this post suggests, I have already been scoping out some sales for this weekend.  Apparently Goodwill is having a 50% off EVERYTHING sale!  The Goodwills near me never usually have sales, except for their color of the week, which is just getting rid of all the stuff that people haven't bought for the past 3 weeks...  Also the estate sale company I follow said they are having a HUGE sale this weekend (they put it in capital letters themselves!).  Their preview pictures don't come out until tomorrow, if I see anything awesome, I will share it with you guys and let you know how early I will be awake on Saturday to go get whatever I see!

Adios amigos!

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Something A Little Different!

First of all, thank you to Ann at Stylish Once Again for featuring my chair that is hopefully going to be redone soon!  That only motivates me more!

So since I almost always have pictures of my thrifting finds, I thought I would show you all a little something that is a second-hand recreation, but not from a thrift store!

I saw this picture of a Mac G4 Cube turned aquarium, and the wheels in my head started spinning!  I knew someone who had one of those computers, in fact, I played on it when I was younger and it was by far the coolest computer then, and now!  I called up that someone (my grandmother always has the coolest technology), and she said it was in the garage collecting dust and that I could pick it up next time I was in town!
I couldn't wait to start, but we had to get supplies and when we finally did, my man and I began working!
Here's a couple before pics:

Mr. Man cutting out the base:
Me gluing the base:
And done!

I do have to admit, I had it filled with all the gravel, plants and water for about a year before we actually got a fish.  I was hesitant because I couldn't figure out what to do with it if we went out of town.  Finally I popped into a local pet store a few months ago and they were having a sale on bettas, $1.99!  The thriftiness in me couldn't pass that up, so I remained in the pet store for approximately another half hour while I carefully selected the new addition to our family.  Here he is!
His name is Nash, and he is hiding in this picture because I took it when he was still new and a little scared.  Well now he swims to the front of the tank and puffs out his gills every time I feed him!  You can't really see his true colors, which is light orange with a purple tinge, hence the name Nash.  Wait, you mean you aren't from Arizona and don't get the connection???  All right, all right, I'll explain!  Purple + Orange = Phoenix Suns colors (basketball team), Steve Nash= awesome point guard on the Suns.  Part of it is that I have been a Suns fan since I was a kid and got floor seats when Barkley played (I know, you're way jealous), and I really cannot see the colors purple and orange together without thinking, "Hey, Suns colors!"

Hope you all enjoyed!

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