Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Gearing Up For the Weekend Already!

Hello all my wonderful readers!  I want to first off thank all of you for the wonderful and nice comments you guys leave, I absolutely LOVE reading them, and replying to those of you who have your emails attached to your usernames!  The great thing about comments is that you guys seem to spread them out nicely!  New comments are emailed to me and all my emails go to my phone, so I wake up to comments, get them during work, or in the evenings, and they always make me smile!  Thanks for making me smile!

Well now, here are some pictures of some thrifts I've found recently.  Some I just haven't gotten around to taking pictures of for a while, but they are still wonderful!

First up is a 1.5L Pyrex Pitcher in Butterfly Gold.  I have searched all over the internet (which includes searching, ebay, and Etsy) and have not found this pitcher, any ideas?  Well it has Pyrex label, capacity, etc., so I know it is Pyrex.  Hopefully someone out there has been looking for this beautiful little piece!

The great thing is that the design is in wonderful shape!

Next up are some cute mugs I found at the same shop as the pitcher, a Fire King red/white mug and a Pyrex Snowflake Blue mug.  I love the design on the Fire King, but I am REALLY loving the size of the Pyrex.  Both are in my Etsy shop at the moment, but I am thinking of just taking down the Pyrex mug and putting it in my cupboard!

Speaking of Pyrex!  Haha yes, I have kept my eagle eye very open for it lately!  Here is a Woodland Brown bowl I picked up at an estate sale:

These Goebel puppies are so adorable.  I looked around but couldn't find a good site to identify these dogs exactly, but the stamp on the bottom tells me they were made between 1972 and 1979.  There was a third dog included, but it was crushed, I mean in a million pieces.  All three were in a bag together, I don't know how the other two made it out without a crack!

Apparently I have been really into glasswares!  Here are two gilded Wawel of Poland tea cups with saucers.  They are really very beautiful!

Also, something I have been watching out for lately is vintage suitcases and briefcases.  The briefcases seem to do well in my Etsy shop, and the suitcases are just cool, and I think would have the same fate as the briefcases, but I haven't found one cool enough until now...

Check out the AMAZING interior!  The design is beautiful and it also has a few zipper pockets!
That is so cool, I can't wait to put it on Etsy, I think of some very chic fashionable girl finding it and toting it around for all her world travels!

Just a little end note on something I have been really loving lately.  You can just start calling me Milton because I love staplers now.  The first one I got kind of on accident, I was at a rummage sale and that was one of only 2 things that I found cool.  It was for a charity so I felt bad leaving empty handed so I got it for $0.10.  That was the middle one, the Tot.  Next came the red Swingline Cub for $0.99.  The red and silver one came from another rummage sale for a different charity.  They were just about to pack up and my boyfriend found something he wanted, so I thought I would pick up the stapler that I saw, just so I had something.  That one I got for $0.25.  Here they are in all their glory:
So after stapler #3 I thought, "Hey, now I have a collection, I should go search on Etsy for more!"  I did and all it got me was wanting to find more awesome staplers at rummage sales and thrift stores.  Most were more than what I would pay (and with my current theme, that seems to be under $1), so I just ogled at some of the more beautiful ones, like this one:
I love the two tone!  I also love that it is a "Scout" stapler, that's my dog's name, so it pulls at my heartstrings!  This person has an awesome Etsy shop with tons of awesome vintage items that I love, go check out SOS Vintage if you get a chance!

Well, that is it for now, but as the name of this post suggests, I have already been scoping out some sales for this weekend.  Apparently Goodwill is having a 50% off EVERYTHING sale!  The Goodwills near me never usually have sales, except for their color of the week, which is just getting rid of all the stuff that people haven't bought for the past 3 weeks...  Also the estate sale company I follow said they are having a HUGE sale this weekend (they put it in capital letters themselves!).  Their preview pictures don't come out until tomorrow, if I see anything awesome, I will share it with you guys and let you know how early I will be awake on Saturday to go get whatever I see!

Adios amigos!

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  1. Hey, thanks so much for the shout out to my Scout and shop! We do seem to have similar tastes in vintage goodies... keep on thriftin'!!

  2. Wow, Chelsea! You really hit the jackpot with all your vintage finds. Have you tried using these search terms - Vintage Pyrex "Juice" or "Lemonade" "Bottle" or "Carafe" - to learn more about your Pyrex piece? Try doing a Google Image search with those terms.

    Thanks for linking to Time Travel Thursday. Hope to see you again this week.

    Liz @ The Brambleberry Cottage