Friday, November 11, 2011

Quick Veterans' Day Post!

Happy Veterans' Day, I hope you all have thanked the veterans that you know!  I always love to call my grandpa, but he gets a little teary so I have to wait until the perfect moment so I don't get choked up, too!

Anyways, I picked up a few things at Savers today, they were having their big 50% off sale, which was great!  But I got none of these items from Savers, these items I got yesterday at a new store I discovered and cannot wait to go to all the time!  I had a class cancelled so I decided to go shopping, I'm so glad I did!

This is a beautiful promotional Pyrex piece, my very first one!  I love it, it is called Golden Tulip and it is so gorgeous.  I think the design is wonderful, but the unfortunate thing is that this little one is a little scuffed up.  I tried to soak it in warm water for a while hoping some would come off, but they are actual scratches.  This piece is from 1959, so I can totally understand that it has been through some rough times, but I think it actually does look nice for being 52 years old!  The gold leaf is still nice and shiny, even if it is scuffed in some places.  It is now in my Etsy shop, waiting for a new home!

And because I NEVER pass on brass animals (hehe), I picked up this cute little goosey goose, isn't he sweet?  Also in my Etsy shop waiting for a new home, but keeping my vanity looking brassy while he waits!

An Autumn Harvest 1.5L mixing bowl.  I just love the colors, maybe somebody would like to pick it up before Thanksgiving?  We will see!

Hopefully I will have more for you all soon, I have lots of stuff that needs pictures taken, and hopefully I will get that done this weekend.  Have a wonderful weekend!

I'm joining in on the Pyrex Party at Her Library Adventures!  What fun!


  1. Thanks for your comment over on my blog, Chelsea - I've been following your posts for a few weeks now - isn't it funny, we both found an Autumn Harvest in the past week!!

  2. Great Pyrex! Try soaking it in hydrogen peroxide for a few hours or even over night. That seems to get stains out for me.