Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Art-Tastic Estate Sale!

So I went to an Estate Sale this weekend run by my favorite Estate Sale company, that also runs the shop I frequent.  Anyways, this was an incredible sale.  Not a whole bunch of antiques or really any item that I particularly wanted, but the estate belonged to a local artist who created metal sculptures made of recycled materials.  His name was Jerry Hall and you can find more about him here.  In my humble opinion, I believe this house should have remained how it was without selling off the artwork to become a Tucson historical landmark.  It wasn't just the sculptures in the yard, the ENTIRE inside of the house was painted with murals and some parts were mosaic'ed.  This is the first estate sale I have been to that has really created so much emotion in me, it was hard to believe this whole collection of beautiful artwork was just being sold off one-by-one.  However, knowing the strong sense of community in Tucson, I know that probably a large amount of these sculptures went to wonderful homes.  These pictures cannot describe how awesome this was, but I will try to give you a little taste!

The side of the house, you can see how big the sculptures are!  You can also see the upstairs studio here. 

There were lots of people there, they had to rope off an area so people didn't just flood the street!

He used such a diversity of scrap metal!

Lots of character with all the rust!

This lady was one of my favorites, I think she is a waitress?

The animal ones were also my favorite.  There was an elephant planter for $60, I would have SO bought it even though it is out of my normal price range, but it was sold!

Me and some friends!

Just driving along!

The entry way to the house was so spectacular.

Mosaic walls inside the home, and mural on the left

He had a common theme of people, it said in his interview he loved to make people smile, and his work really shows that!  It really makes my heart smile!

Take a look at this room.  The whole room is an intricately designed art piece because he hated plain walls!

So as I said, I picked up a couple things I usually pass on.  Art.  I couldn't afford most everything there, but he made A LOT for himself, so he really filled every nook and cranny of his yard and home with his art.  In the back yard I found two very small, yet very detailed pieces that I decided to "save".  I am disappointed that I could not get a chime, there were a few, but most got taken quickly.  I am also disappointed I passed on a pair of separated butterfly wings.  These were on posts in medians throughout Jerry's neighborhood, usually painted, but this pair I found was unpainted and absolutely wonderful.  Why, why?!?!  Well I am very happy with what I picked up, one will be for me, the other will be for my sister, who's birthday is coming up!  She is an artist, and I know she will really enjoy this!

This one is for my sister, it looked like a simple truck until I picked it up and really started to appreciate all the details.

How do I rotate these?!?!  Showing a little more detail of the truck.

I am such an animal lover, so this guy will be for me!  He was originally outside (as was the truck), so he will go out and guard all my cacti and succulents in my potted garden!

Again, this needs to be rotated, but this looks like a signature with a "J" on the right and an "H" on the left. 

He even has a curious little tilted head and these cute bulgy eyeballs!
Well, that's all, I hope you enjoyed this picture-heavy post!  And I hope you enjoyed this art as much as I  did!!!

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Little Sparkle!

So yes, I have been lurking around all of your blogs rather than letting you know what I have been up to!  Truth is, I've been pulling back the yah on thrifting so I can keep up with my inventory better.  This week I added some jewelry to my Etsy Shop.  I have found some really pretty things lately, and I have decided to sell them rather than making something awesome out of them like this:

These bridal bouquets are so popular now, and rightly so, they are awesome!  In case any of you are getting married soon, this beautiful bouquet above can be found at Melissa's Etsy Shop!

Anyways, so jewelry finds, yeah.  Here goes!

So yes, mostly brooches just because I love retro looking flower things like that!  The bracelet in the last picture is my favorite, such a simple, yet interesting design!

Well, I thought I would be short and sweet for today, I went to an awesome estate sale this weekend and I can't wait to tell you guys about it this week!  I only picked up 2 things that I was NOT looking for, but couldn't pass up, and they are totally out of the norm items for me!  Still this sale was interesting all by itself, get excited, pictures of it coming soon!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Welcome Back to the Real World!

I had such an awesome winter break, but my Spring semester has now begun and I'm already a little shocked.  So I only have two classes, which is great, but I am attending another class that my advisor teaches for undergrads, just as a little review!

I was out of town this weekend so I didn't get to hit my favorite estate sales, but I did recently pick up some things at one of my favorite local thrifts!  I went in looking to cash in on books to sell on Amazon, instead I ended up finding some great books for myself, and a few to sell!  Unlike Goodwill and Savers, these book prices are very fair, I don't think I have ever seen a book more than $2.  So here is what I ended up with:

Three old sewing books all priced at $1 or less.  I can't wait to start learning to sew.  My first priority is to clean up the guest bedroom where all my Etsy/Ebay inventory is living, then sell the guest bed, and reorganize inventory, then begin said sewing projects.  Whew, so much to do!

I think old First Aid books are cool.  I don't know why, but they are just so simple-looking and neat.  The Wild Flowers book is something I have been looking for quite a while, look at the illustrations below, they are beautiful.  I plan on scanning them and creating some unique wall-hangings with them, maybe my first hand-made part of my Etsy store! (I will mat and frame, etc.)  The map of Phoenix is just neat and colorful, and it is where I'm from.  I have found some other old road maps in the past, they are pretty neat!

The book below was just too neat to pass up.  I love cowboy and horse things, and the illustrations in this book were also very stylized and cool.  I got this for 50% off at the MLK day Savers.

Another neat-o funny think I picked up at the 50% off sale, this sweet brass unicorn, cool right?!

My mom recently picked up a big ziplock bag of jewelry at an auction for me.  Here's a few of the neat pieces of jewelry that were in it, plus a few pieces I have picked up recently:

I've been doing pretty good lately, but I have lots to do.  I am planning on slowing up with the thrifting, and focusing up what I have since I have gotten so behind on listing and taking pictures.  The good news is that there is plenty that you guys have yet to see, so I will still have lots to show you all!  I'm planning on doing some more informative posts rather than just thrift finds, so I hope you all enjoy what is to come!  Thanks!

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What's Your Bread n' Butter?

So recently on Ebay Underground, (which is an extremely helpful resource for all you resellers out there) I asked the users what's their bread n' butter?  Meaning, what items do you buy that are "foolproof" in your shops.  I got a lot of great answers, and I realized that there were lots of great items I am missing out on.

First and foremost, I will say that lately, my bread n' butter has been Pyrex, but mostly because it is easy to spot at most stores and I think it is so beautiful.  Now I recognize I shouldn't be falling in love with my inventory, but stuff happens!  I don't really like to look for clothes, but I picked up an older looking Nordstrom vest from the thrift last night, pictures to come.  Lots of people are great with clothes, I think my eye for clothes would be limited to vintage things I think are cute, and just hope other people would agree!

Anyways, here were some really great answers people had, that I have had success with as well.

1. Mugs- They are usually cheap at the thrift, and there's usually lots to sift through!
Fire King mug I sold recently, cute little design.

This is a mug by Taylor & Ng that I sold over the holidays. 
2. Books- If you have a smartphone, check out apps that allow you to scan barcodes such as Red Laser or the Amazon Barcode app.  I use Red Laser for lots of things besides books since I got my iPhone for Christmas, the technology absolutely amazes me!

3. Full Pyrex sets-  I have to admit, I am having trouble on ebay with single Pyrex pieces.  I think it takes either having an ebay store (which I do not yet) or re-listing many times.  Full sets however, are almost always a huge hit!

4. Purses- Some people do designer purses, but I am not sure how to verify authenticity with confidence, so I try to stay away from them.  I do love stocking up on vintage purses, my bread n' butter of purses is always woven leather.

This was also a really neat purse that got a lot of attention on Etsy.  It sold during my Etsy promotion!
5. Vintage Things- Okay so this is a little general, but here are some of my most successful vintage items:
Rollers are a good seller, but make sure they work and are clean! 
Everyone loves globes!  I have been eyeballing one at the Goodwill, hoping it will go 50% off...

Cool, old boxes.  This one was favorited a lot on Etsy and sold quickly

Vintage hardware gets a lot of attention on Etsy.

So what about you all out there who I haven't heard from on Ebay Underground?  What's your bread n' butter?!


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Sunday, January 8, 2012

One Long {Early} Morning and One {Mostly} Happy Girl!

Well, here it is, the results from the great Pyrex Estate Sale today!  I really want to thank those of you for your encouragement, it really made me smile this morning as I waited to get my spot in line!  

I picked up 9 pieces in all, and I had to stray from my wish list because some of the prices were ridiculous!  I told you all how I was interested in all the mixing bowls, but when I got there, I saw that all the sets were priced $30 to $40!  I couldn't make much on reselling those, so I am hoping they stick around long enough to go 50% off (unlikely).  

Below are the new additions to my collection, the two divided dishes in the back on the right and the two rectangular casseroles on the bottom in the front!  I LOVE the rooster one, maybe this will encourage me to cook more?  Ah, we will see about that...

The Gourmet Delphite was a little grimey so it is taking a bath at the moment along with a few other dishes that I have had for a while, three full dishes and one lid fit in that little sink!

Lost in the bubbles!

My favorites are of course the black and whites that I added to my collection, but another favorite of mine is that top one, the teal and white, it is known as Lace Medallion.  It is the large 2.5 quart casserole, I think I might admire it a little before posting it on the bay, plus I still have my 10 item limit for selling until the end of this month, so that will be my excuse!

I also picked up this at the estate sale store for a dollar.  I know it is outdated, but it might help me familiarize with more of the valuable stuff!
I have been looking all over for some reference books, but this was my first.  I am hoping to find the Pyrex Book somewhere, but that might be dreaming big!

After I got that number 3 spot in line that I showed you in my mobile post, I headed over to the actual estate sale at the home to get my boyfriend a spot in line, he had seen some cast iron that he wanted so I grabbed him number 17 in line and headed home for an hour nap.  He got two cast iron pieces for $25, that's a pretty good deal!  He has them soaking in a lye bath now to get them cleaned up, I really need to take some before/after pictures of his cast iron, he does a GREAT job cleaning them up, and he gets really excited about reselling them on ebay!  Here is a piece he cleaned up recently and will be going on the bay soon:
I love the cast iron as well, it is so easy to spot at the thrifts and estate sales.  Unfortunately because it is so hefty, people price it high.  Although the one we just sold was a large chicken fryer picked up for $5, sold for $36!

Well I have been listing like a mad woman, so I hope to do another promotion on Etsy soon since my last one made me lots of sales!  What are your recent successes, let me know!

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