Sunday, January 8, 2012

One Long {Early} Morning and One {Mostly} Happy Girl!

Well, here it is, the results from the great Pyrex Estate Sale today!  I really want to thank those of you for your encouragement, it really made me smile this morning as I waited to get my spot in line!  

I picked up 9 pieces in all, and I had to stray from my wish list because some of the prices were ridiculous!  I told you all how I was interested in all the mixing bowls, but when I got there, I saw that all the sets were priced $30 to $40!  I couldn't make much on reselling those, so I am hoping they stick around long enough to go 50% off (unlikely).  

Below are the new additions to my collection, the two divided dishes in the back on the right and the two rectangular casseroles on the bottom in the front!  I LOVE the rooster one, maybe this will encourage me to cook more?  Ah, we will see about that...

The Gourmet Delphite was a little grimey so it is taking a bath at the moment along with a few other dishes that I have had for a while, three full dishes and one lid fit in that little sink!

Lost in the bubbles!

My favorites are of course the black and whites that I added to my collection, but another favorite of mine is that top one, the teal and white, it is known as Lace Medallion.  It is the large 2.5 quart casserole, I think I might admire it a little before posting it on the bay, plus I still have my 10 item limit for selling until the end of this month, so that will be my excuse!

I also picked up this at the estate sale store for a dollar.  I know it is outdated, but it might help me familiarize with more of the valuable stuff!
I have been looking all over for some reference books, but this was my first.  I am hoping to find the Pyrex Book somewhere, but that might be dreaming big!

After I got that number 3 spot in line that I showed you in my mobile post, I headed over to the actual estate sale at the home to get my boyfriend a spot in line, he had seen some cast iron that he wanted so I grabbed him number 17 in line and headed home for an hour nap.  He got two cast iron pieces for $25, that's a pretty good deal!  He has them soaking in a lye bath now to get them cleaned up, I really need to take some before/after pictures of his cast iron, he does a GREAT job cleaning them up, and he gets really excited about reselling them on ebay!  Here is a piece he cleaned up recently and will be going on the bay soon:
I love the cast iron as well, it is so easy to spot at the thrifts and estate sales.  Unfortunately because it is so hefty, people price it high.  Although the one we just sold was a large chicken fryer picked up for $5, sold for $36!

Well I have been listing like a mad woman, so I hope to do another promotion on Etsy soon since my last one made me lots of sales!  What are your recent successes, let me know!

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  1. wow, what a score! i was thinking about you yesterday and hoped you would do a post soon.
    my fave are the delphite and the rooster.

    my successes this week have been on vintage contact paper. i picked up several rolls at a yard sale, unopened, for 25 cents and resold in groupings for an average of 10 bucks each.

    your guy does such a nice job of cleaning up cast iron...when you have time, no rush, would you mind emailing me at thethriftypicker at hotmail and let me know how he tackles cast iron? or maybe a post about this for your readership? i have a classic cast iron and a le creuset ($1 at yard sale!) that need cleaning up. the creuset has brown spots on the enamel part that i don't know how to tackle without scratching.

    thanks chels!! and congrats on the pyrex!

  2. ohhh...I love the black and white!! Awesome find!! We went to an estate sale yesterday and the prices were sooo inflated :( oh well, I got one small sewing box and then we hit up the thrift stores where we had better luck! Hope you are havin' a great day! I'm following you now! Deanna

  3. Nice finds! I love a cast iron pan, learned to cook on one 50 years ago and have always had them. Now they are only used on the campfire. My stove doesn't accept them!

  4. Be still my heart. I did not know pyrex made black and white pieces. I love, love, love it! You found some nice things.

  5. wow you have a fantastic pyrex collection going on! thank you for sharing at cap creations. you have been featured!