Thursday, January 5, 2012

Estate Sale Preview Pictures are Doin Me Right!

I have to blog this because I was so excited this morning when I saw this amazing-ness on the Estate Sale website!  I HAVE NOT bought these pieces yet, these are the picture that came up in the preview for the Estate Sale shop that I frequent!  They will go on sale Saturday at 9am, and you better believe I will be there.  I will show you the pictures and then let you know what my game plan is:
















Wow. Yes, I could barely believe my eyes either, all this Pyrex in one shop!  You better believe I am getting there at 5am to be number one in line!  This is my last weekend before school starts to do some major treasure hunting, and I think the thrift/estate gods were calling to me.

There is one problem however.  This particular estate sale shop has had some high prices on Pyrex lately.  I mean $26 for a dishwasher damaged set of 3 daisy bowls kind of expensive...  So this will all be based on if I can get these for a good enough price, however, there are at least a few I will pick up for my own collection of black and white Pyrex.  So I spent the better half of the day researching, researching and researching some more, I actually typed up a spreadsheet with pictures of every piece that was shown on the website and estimated at about what price I could re-sell at.  Then, I classified each piece as either "YES" (buy), "YES (4 Me)", "Maybe", and "NO".

Here is what I am majorly interested in in no particular order:

-Pretty much ALL of the mixing bowl sets
-The Kim Chee casserole (Picture 6)
-Bramble, Mod Kitchen and Gold Acorn from Picture 8
-Constellation and Gold Acorn from Picture 9
-All of the dishes from picture 10, the top 3 for my collection!
-Zodiac and Gourmet from Picture 11
-Rooster and Gold Acorn from Picture 12
-Grapevine (?, the top one with the beautiful lid) from picture 13
-The large Verde bowl and the Old Town Blue Napkin Rings from Picture 14

I will have to be very picky because this means a large investment on my part.  It also means lots of listing on ebay.  I have decided that listing Pyrex on ebay gets it sold a little faster than on Etsy, plus Etsy seems to be overpriced!  I will updated you guys on which items I bought, and if any of you are looking for one of these pieces I will give you a deal!

Any advice on which pieces are MUST HAVES, please, share your insight, I always appreciate it!

Good night!  -Chels


  1. Oh, my - that's exciting!! Pictures 11-13 look quite interesting - the casseroles are harder to find than the bowls - one thing about the Cinderella bowls - they take up so much room..... So, I'd definitely be dreaming about the casseroles - good luck!!!

  2. in pic #11, i have never even seen the top 2! so cool.
    just an fyi...butterfly gold seems to be very prevalent, don't overspend on this one

    mod kitchen seems to a be hot item

    let us know how it goes, an when you have them listed!

  3. That sale is PYREX heaven! Good luck on Saturday, hope you get some of the pieces on your list. They are all gorgeous!