Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What's Your Bread n' Butter?

So recently on Ebay Underground, (which is an extremely helpful resource for all you resellers out there) I asked the users what's their bread n' butter?  Meaning, what items do you buy that are "foolproof" in your shops.  I got a lot of great answers, and I realized that there were lots of great items I am missing out on.

First and foremost, I will say that lately, my bread n' butter has been Pyrex, but mostly because it is easy to spot at most stores and I think it is so beautiful.  Now I recognize I shouldn't be falling in love with my inventory, but stuff happens!  I don't really like to look for clothes, but I picked up an older looking Nordstrom vest from the thrift last night, pictures to come.  Lots of people are great with clothes, I think my eye for clothes would be limited to vintage things I think are cute, and just hope other people would agree!

Anyways, here were some really great answers people had, that I have had success with as well.

1. Mugs- They are usually cheap at the thrift, and there's usually lots to sift through!
Fire King mug I sold recently, cute little design.

This is a mug by Taylor & Ng that I sold over the holidays. 
2. Books- If you have a smartphone, check out apps that allow you to scan barcodes such as Red Laser or the Amazon Barcode app.  I use Red Laser for lots of things besides books since I got my iPhone for Christmas, the technology absolutely amazes me!

3. Full Pyrex sets-  I have to admit, I am having trouble on ebay with single Pyrex pieces.  I think it takes either having an ebay store (which I do not yet) or re-listing many times.  Full sets however, are almost always a huge hit!

4. Purses- Some people do designer purses, but I am not sure how to verify authenticity with confidence, so I try to stay away from them.  I do love stocking up on vintage purses, my bread n' butter of purses is always woven leather.

This was also a really neat purse that got a lot of attention on Etsy.  It sold during my Etsy promotion!
5. Vintage Things- Okay so this is a little general, but here are some of my most successful vintage items:
Rollers are a good seller, but make sure they work and are clean! 
Everyone loves globes!  I have been eyeballing one at the Goodwill, hoping it will go 50% off...

Cool, old boxes.  This one was favorited a lot on Etsy and sold quickly

Vintage hardware gets a lot of attention on Etsy.

So what about you all out there who I haven't heard from on Ebay Underground?  What's your bread n' butter?!


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  1. ive been on the lookout for the Ng cups, still havent come across them.
    eyes are about to pop out, chels...preparing spreadsheets for my meeting with my accountant tomorrow. its almost 1 am! i will get it done and then vow to keep better records for next year!!! (this was my first year) so, i am telling you girl, don't wait till the last minute ;)

  2. You've got a lot of neat stuff there. I have a friend who has an ebay shop. I haven't gotten up the nerve to try and sell yet. I have lots of stuff, tho, because I love thrift stores. I like your pyrex. Hope you are able to get the globe. We have an old globe that was my husbands when he was little. It has a place on the bottom of it where an atlas slides inside of it and it also lights up. It's kinda of neat.

  3. I am not into all that stuff. Worlds of people are and do very well. I have plenty I could sell, but that is just not for me.