Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays!

Hi there everyone!  So yes, I promised a post a while back and didn't deliver, and unfortunately, I again have only a little to share today!  I have been busy crafting all my Christmas presents (pictures below) and shopping for those who need other presents!  My boyfriend even when thrifting for me when he was back home for a few days without my and he picked up some wonderful things for me!  Take a looksy at these pictures that are not mine, but are appropriately credited!

This is such a cute little snack set that is available in Rachael's Etsy shop Vintage Dreams.  The one he picked up for me is a little different but it stacks like this and is just precious.  Oh, and go take a look at Rachael's shop (link above), she has recently done a complete makeover on her shop and it looks awesome!

This is a 1.5 Quart Pyrex Spring Blossom Green casserole dish.  I love its size and beautiful lid!  This picture is courtesy of an ebay listing.

Now as I said, I have been crafting my Christmas presents, I will show some pictures of finished products, but I decided to make jewelry for all the women in my family, and so far, I think it is a hit!  I made all the flowers below with a mold from an Etsy shop, but they seem to have shut down their shop... However, if you are interested in making these, there are lots of Etsy shops that carry a variety of flower molds, I got one mold that had 13 different flowers, and it came with two single flower molds as a special gift!  Here's the product:
Sorry it is a little blurry, the picture came from my phone!  The little silver dish is a thrifted gem that I absolutely love as well!  I will post some pictures of finished jewelry soon, and maybe do a giveaway with the extra stuff that I have!

Well here is something silly I found at the Goodwill but did not buy.  If you are not familiar with the movie The Fifth Element, then I suggest watching it.
Have any of you found any weird stuff at the thrift stores lately?  Tell me about it!

So, as a little teaser, I did go thrifting today and picked up some great stuff (hint, fridgies!), I hope to take some cell phone pictures and update you all soon!  


Linking up again, finally!  Oh how I have missed my linky parties!  I will add as I find time!


  1. Chels!! Thank you so much for the mention and the link to my shop. I worked really hard on the shop face lift so it's nice to see it recognized :)
    Happy dance!!

  2. Oh, and it must be Pyrex fridgie day because I have only ever found one with a lid and today I found 5 with lids! Yes, you read that right, 5. I was with my hubby and he was chuckling as he watched me wrangle them all as quickly as I could into my cart at the Goodwill. When I went in the fitting room I told him to guard the cart with his life! For me personally, I am only collecting the primary colored fridgies (for now) so the ones that I found (non primary colors) will go in my ebay and etsy stores.
    Can't wait to see your fridgie finds!

  3. I have the very same snack set-it's just too cute!!!

  4. love that snack set. sold one already but would love to keep one too!