Friday, May 11, 2012

Places on Facebook You Should LOVE (Or "Like")

I am amazed that facebook has yet to come up with a "Love" button.  Or a dislike button for that matter, but hey that's not what this post is about, this is all about LOVING things on facebook!  First and foremost, I will say that this is not a post to advertise my facebook page, because I don't have one.  I really only have limited time to blog (as some of you may have noticed...) so adding facebook onto my private facebook really isn't an option right now.  However, I have really enjoyed "Liking" other bloggers and businesses facebook pages, and I would like to tell you about some of my favorites:

We will start with some general pages that I Like on facebook, then we will move on to some specific pages that you can check out for yourself!

#1: Local thrift store pages!  If they have an active page it can be a lot of fun to see what new items they get in or what kind of sales they are having!  Sometimes they may even have surprise sales that you may only find out about through their facebook page!  It is such a great way to keep connected with your favorite shops.

Here are a couple pictures posted on one of my favorite thrift store facebook pages.  I assume many of you are not in Tucson, so I will go ahead and count on the fact that you won't steal one of my favorite thrift haunts: 1st Rate, 2nd Hand

This is where I got all my favorite Reader's Digest books that I showed off in this post they had so many and I bought out a lot of them!  Aren't they gorgeous?!

This is a new post on their page that shows off their bead selection!  How cool!  Here in Tucson we are big into beads and gems because of the HUGE Gem Show that comes through every February.

#2: Your favorite eateries!  We all enjoy saving money, and I am sure we all enjoy feeding ourselves!  Sometimes you can get deals on the facebook page of local restaurants.  Or if you "Check In" they might give you a discount!

One of my most favorite new restaurants in Tucson, May's Counter Chicken and Waffles added this picture of their delicious Cinco de Mayo special: Waffle Tacos!  I was out of town unfortunately and didn't get to try them...

#3: Estate Sale Pages!  Yes, this falls along the same lines as the thrift store page, but this is where you can often get that preview of items before actually getting to the sale.  That way you can go, have a game plan, and stick to it as best you can!  Here is my favorite, The Girls Estate Sales.  They even put teaser photos up sometimes like this one:

#4: Online businesses.  Especially those larger businesses that do giveaways at blogs.  Often they will post each blog and other site that is doing a giveaway of their stuff, so you can enter every chance you get!  Often you will find yourself "Liking" these pages because of blogs that you frequent having a giveaway.  You know, "+1 entry if you like _________________'s Facebook page!"  Yeah, that has suckered me in too and although I have never won any of these big giveaways, it has turned me onto some wonderful businesses that I would have never heard about otherwise, like Saffron Marigold and their beautifully printed textiles!

#5: Your favorite bloggers!  This is a great way to keep updated with all of your bloggy friends that does not involve sifting through tons of other blog posts.  You can communicate with them, keep up with giveaways, sales, and all other kinds of news!  We will talk about some of my favorite blog friends to visit on facebook in a bit!

Onto the specific pages I LOVE!  

In no particular order...

The Thrifty Picker- Rachael is such a great bloggy friend and I love her Facebook page as well!  She shares some of her great finds and encourages her readers to share their finds as well!  I love to post my finds on here, and it usually encourages me to stop being lazy and write a blog post about it!  Be sure to check out Rachael's page and give her a Like!

Thrift Core- Another one of my favorite blogs!  Vanessa is so hilarious and really knows how to find smokin' deals on some great things!  She also has daily deals where she offers some really fine deals on some great vintage items!  It is first come first serve, so you better be quick on your toes!  This was her latest deal on a supery-dee-duper cool mod lamp for only $12!

Cutting Edge Stencils- This is a way cool company that has amazingly beautiful stencils that you can do... pretty much ANYTHING with! (Walls, furniture, fabric for pillows etc., rugs, curtains)  They always post great inspiration that are often blogger projects.  They also post about all the giveaways for their goodies going on in the blogosphere so you have every opportunity to win!  Check out how beautiful their stencils can make your home:

So I will leave you with those tips!  Hope you have enjoyed a little different post from me to open your eyes to the world of facebook.  No, it isn't just for looking at how bad other people look in pictures to make yourself feel better (I do that, too...) but it is actually functional!

What about you, do you have any favorite Facebook pages?  Tell me about them!

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