Sunday, October 9, 2011

Thirfting and Listing, It is HARD WORK!

I have a new found respect for all those hard-core resellers out there!  I have been stocking up my shop with some of my new finds for this weekend, as well as some past finds that need new homes.  Really, I think reselling is the answer to my near-hoarding lifestyle!  I find things at thrift stores that I love, so I pick them up!  I put them in a random spot in my guest bedroom, but I know there is someone out there who would enjoy them more!  I really tend to personalize items, but that's why selling them is so awesome!  Someone took the time to seek out this item to buy it from me!  So far, 5 sales on ebay and 0 sales on etsy.  Uh oh Etsy, come on!  I listed a TON of items on Etsy today (now for a total of 21!)  so hopefully that will get me a little more exposure, it always excites me when someone favorites my shop or an item!

Let's get down to brass tacks (heh) and I will show off my thrift haul for the weekend!

This is a Culver Ltd. Platter, I found a source that considers this one rare.  Only thing is that the gold is cracking... Still listed it in my Etsy shop, we will see if it gets any action there!

No, I am not a crazy person hoarding random things like microwave plates!  I heard on ebayunderground that microwave turntables sell really well, so I saw this and grabbed it!  It's a 12.5 inches, and is on ebay, hoping it sees more play there!

Yep, that's right, my very first Pyrex!  I love the pattern of both of them, but the green square flowers is so precious.  I was considering keeping the snowflake one, but let's be honest, I don't make casseroles...  I really am holding out for a mixing bowl or a large casserole dish (this one is only 1.25 quarts). Both are on Etsy!

Another BOLO (Be On the Look Out) item from ebay underground and I am glad I stumbled across it!  Bought it for $5 and it sells pretty consistently on ebay for $30 to $40, woohoo!  That will be another one I always keep an eye out for, because I feel like I see them all the time!

Some vintage BRASS light switch plates!  Now, if I could decorate, I might have kept these for the guest bedroom, but I am a renter, so my landlord would not be happy with me pulling out his precious plastic ones!  They are on etsy and I hope they do well!

This pair of candle-holding wall sconces are gorgeous!  I picked them up at the Humane Society thrift shop for $8, and I am hoping they will go quickly on Etsy because they are so lovely!  I LOVE the Humane Society thrift store because of their abundance of pet-related things!  Can't wait to go back!

Now I just saw this at Saver and couldn't help myself, it is so sweet!  Hopefully someone else will agree and snap it up from my Etsy shop!

Probably my favorite find from this weekend is the TOT Stapler!  It is so retro and cool!  If I wasn't on the verge of hoarding I would keep it for my desk at work, but that desk might fall apart if I put one more thing on it, so I have to be careful!

I did well this weekend and listed like a madwoman!  Can't wait to update on Tuesday for Apron Thrift Girl's October Listing Challenge!  Check it out and join if you haven't already!

Feel free to check out my shop under the link above: My Shops!
If you favorite my shop or an item on Etsy, just now that I will have just gotten an email to my phone telling me that you did so, and that I will do a happy dance just for you!

Good nighty night!

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  1. Thanks for joining me. Great stuff you scored. Enjoy the newbie party.

  2. Chelsea, I just saw your post on Debbiedoo's newbie linkie party! What great finds you have! Love your blog! I am a newbie, as well and your newest follower. I hope you will follow back! Many blessings to you!!

  3. great finds I know how you feel about the hoarding issue My hubby just called me one today. My sister took me to GW and I found 11 owls! I want to keep them all but I will not. I have to list them on Ebay.