Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Late Night Quickie!

I have spent the better part of the evening freezing a horse embryo (which went REALLY well, so I am on an adrenaline rush), so I am a little exhausted!  Anyways, I thought I would post some of my thrift finds turned fabulous tonight.  We will go more pictures, less words, so here goes!

Here is a before of the mirror.  Now if this baby had a metal frame, I probably wouldn't have painted it, but it was plastic so I said, "What the hey, I need a mirror in my office and this will do!"  So I went with a color that made my color senses tingle, Electric Blue spray paint!

And here's a little detail:

Here's another piece that was cute how it was, but I just didn't want anymore black in my home soooo....
It ended up pink!  I am attempting to add a whole lotta color into my guest bedroom, and this will work nicely!
This is a cute little... set of spice drawers?  Anyway I couldn't pass it up because I knew it had potential.  I have started painting it a sky blue, but it needs multiple coats, of which I have only done the first!  Also, the little drawers have a glass panel in the front and a wood panel close behind to hold in those spices in the front.  You can see that the bottom drawer has the wood panel separated, but the others are proving much harder to disassemble.  Basically what I need is a Phillips screwdriver made for tiny elf people, then I need a tiny elf person to unscrew the screws because there is little to NO space in there...  My plans are to cover the wood panel with wonderful scrapbook paper, then I expect it to turn out great!
Lastly is just an after of my office chair, which was recently featured on Lindsey's blog Better After!  My first blog feature ever, and I am so proud of it!  As soon as I finished it, I called my boyfriend into the room and this exchange happened:
Him: "It looks great honey, have you sat in it?"
Me: "No, not yet!!!"
I sit in the chair.
Me: "Oh my god, its so awesome."

Okay so do you want to see some past thrift finds?  Here is a cute little set of... whatchamacallits.  I have NO IDEA what these are, I am thinking the two matching ones are napkin holders, but what is the other one?  Please share your smartness if you know!

The one above is what I think is a napkin holder, there are two of them.  The one below is I don't know what!
Now share your knowledge and identify this!

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  1. That mirror is awesome, love that bright blue color...nice finds and a blog feature~WOOT!

  2. It looks to me like a Victorian boot scraper? They used to have them outside houses for gentlemen to scrape their boots before entering. I could be totally wrong though!

  3. Great thrifty makeovers! Love that chair! I have no idea what that silver thing could be. How big is it? Are there moving parts? Thanks for sharing and for linking up to my party.