Thursday, October 6, 2011

So Can I Thrift Now???

No post yesterday due to my first (real) exam today, which actually involved studying, not just a take home exam like my other one!  Things all got a little stressful on Wednesday night and all day today, but now I can sit back, relax and think about the thrifting I will be doing after class tomorrow!

I have decided to join Apron Thrift Girl's Listing Challenge which goes along with ebayunderground's listing challenge.  So I am new to this whole game, and I may be setting my goals a little low, but with a more than full time job and a low budget, it's easy to set the bar a little but out of reach!  I thought I would start with what I have been listing lately.  We will start off with my very first sale!

Well, I could have probably gotten more for this little set, but honestly, it was the VERY beginning of me even beginning to fathom reselling things online.  I have sold textbooks before, but up until these little babies, I had only thrifted for things I wanted to keep.  I bought each of these espresso cups for 0.99, now remember that!

So what was my turn around you ask?  Well, I sold these on ebay within 15 minutes at a price of $130 for the three that say "illy collection".  These little espresso cups were signed and numbered and from a collection set that is very desired!  Mine did not come with saucers like they are supposed to, so I thought they would be worth much less and I would be lucky if I got $75 for them.  I was so WRONG!  The one that says "illy espresso" is worth much less as it was made for restaurant use.  I decided to keep it as a momento of my first big sale, plus I love the design, I think it looks like a moon scape!  Sooo... $130-$2.97= $127.03!!! Woohoo!

Next up are some items I couldn't believe had been sitting in an Estate Sale shop for two weeks!  That means they had gone through two Saturdays (when this shop gets new stuff in and is HUGELY busy) without anyone picking them up!  Well, they were originally priced at $10, but this week, their color sticker was 50% off!  So I got all 5 of these White House Easter Eggs for $5!

There are 3 eggs from the 1991 Easter Egg Roll and 2 from the 1990 Easter Egg Roll.  Each has a signature stamp of Senior and Babs (George and Barbara Bush) and they are wooden.  At first I was just drawn to them due to their wooden eggedness, which I thought was cool, then I realized what they were!  A quick ebay search on my phone confirmed that I needed to snap these lovelies up.  I have them up on ebay right now, in case any of you are particularly interested in Bushy memorabilia!

Purses you say?  You want to see purses?  SURE!!!

These are all up in my etsy shop, and yes I need to get to listing, because I have um... 4 things in my etsy shop.  Thank goodness for goals, right?  They keep you motivated, and it is especially great when you have such a great support system like the bloggy/thrifty community!  Keep it up, and share your goals with me, I would love to hear all about them!

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  1. Shut the front door!! The illy cups! An amazing sale, good for you. I am doing the ATG challenge too. My goals prob seem like small beans to most, but I am a newbie to all of this too. Ebay goal is to use all 50 free listings and make at least $300 bucks in Oct. Etsy goal is 15 new items listed and $150 bucks. I can't believe it but I am already well on my way to both goals and will probably exceed them this month, making my biggest month ever. Only been doing this since July on the 'bay and Sept on Etsy. So, stick with it and you will be surprised how fast your business grows! Happy thrifting :)