Monday, April 9, 2012

I'll Be Back Soon, Promise!

Hey guys!  I know I have been on a little hiatus, but yes, you guessed it, there is an exam coming up!  After I am done I will be beginning my research again, but I hope to get in some time for crafting and thrifting!  Thanks for bearing with me, I can't wait to be back!

In the mean time, here is a little what I am keeping my eye out for.  My man and I just signed the lease on a new house and I am SOOO excited!  This means we will be able to get out of the little box we are in now and get into a classic little red brick Tucson-style home.  I can't wait!  We have decided that we will have a garage sale when moving time comes to get rid of most of our stuff so we can start fresh!  That means, I will be looking for new furniture like this:

 A kick-butt mid century modern credenza/buffet thing that will be used as a TV stand/DVD hidden storage solution.  This one was on Phoenix Craigslist, but waaaay out of my price range, isn't it neat-o?!

Another cool mid-century modern piece of coolness like this totally cool coffee table.  Simple, slender, and solid.  Our current coffee table is from target and one of the cheapest ones we could find.  We are students so money can be hard to come by.  We hope to thrift, Craigslist, flea market all of our new furniture so we can get quality pieces for a low price!

A super cool mid century modern desk.  I love the legs of these, and this is my favorite color of wood.  I want to use this in my craft room.  Yep, that's right, no guests at our house, because our 3 bedroom will contain a master bedroom, an office for my man, and a woman cave (craft room) for me!  We decided we really don't have many guests, and we really don't want to sooooo, we sold the guest bed.  It's not that we're antisocial, we just enjoy our household privacy!  Not to say we won't have some get-togethers to show off all this fine furniture though!

Are any of you re-decorating?  What are you on the lookout for?


  1. I'm also on the look out for mid century furniture! I love all the pieces you shared here!

  2. We are also looking for a credenza for our entertainment center. I would just die if I found one like the piece you have shown above. I'm gonna pin it!
    Can't wait to hear about your thrifting adventures to fill your new place with furniture!

  3. We actually just bought and sold that exact same mid century credenza/buffet thing!! Too bad we live on the East Coast or we could have sold it to you instead! We posted about it here if you're interested. Good luck thrifting mid century furniture! If you're persistent, I'm sure you'll find some awesome stuff :)