Saturday, April 21, 2012

I've Missed You All!

Hey guys!  Sorry my posts have been scant lately, but we are getting to the end of the semester and it is definitely crunch time for projects, exams, etc.  I also started up my research project again, which is wonderful that I get to work with my favorite horses again, but it is time consuming!  I think it is going to mean earlier mornings for me again...

Anyways, I did get a chance to hit up an estate sale today, and a few other yard sales and a rummage sale, but I just cannot seem to ever find the good stuff at yard sales!  Here's a collective photo of what I picked up!

An antique suitcase (they had more, but I couldn't afford all of them, so I picked out the coolest one!  Hopefully the others will stick around long enough to go 1/2 off at the estate sale shop!  The thing in the bag is a trinket display of sorts, but I will be painting it and displaying my nail polish in there!  Cool, right?!  There is also a TV tray, I love the retro daisies!  On the tray in the middle is a pair of candle holders that are brass birds (cranes maybe?) standing on turtles!  And of course, Pyrex!  Here's some close ups:

Orange frigies from the daisy set, I love this color!  I don't see it too often online, but I found the largest dish and sold that on ebay pretty quickly, hopefully these will go as fast!

Gooseberry round casserole. This has a beautiful finish, but the handle is a little chipped!  Bummer, but I think it will still sell well!

Oooh, some non-Pyrex that I couldn't pass up!  This is a Fire King square refrigerator dish with such a beautiful etched pattern.  I love it so much that I won't be selling it, I will store some fun goodies in it!  Here's a view of the bottom.  I'm not well versed in Fire King, let me know if you know what this pattern is called!  I would imagine snowflake or something...

Here it is with some gold buttons!

Here's a little better view of the soon to be nail polish display!  I can't wait to show off its transformation!  **I'm still trying to see if I can get the inserts out and maybe put some beautiful paper in as backing!**

I found this fancy horse a while back.  It says "MADE IN BRAZIL" on the bottom.  I love his red eyes, so intense!

I have been very into silk scarves lately, they are so gorgeous!  I haven't come across many Vera scarves lately, but these ones were pretty neat!

This is one of my favorite finds lately.  It is a burlap pinto bean sack with such a cute design on it!  My plans for it?  Well, since my dog conveniently has the name "Scout", I will be making this into a rug for her food and water to go onto.  Don't worry, she's really clean, so it won't get yucky! (Or chewed!)

Since I have been away for such a long time, let me know what you have been up to?  What have been some of your favorite finds lately that you will keep? (like my Fire King dish!)  Thanks for stopping by!!! :)


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  1. Love that orange Pyrex! Such brilliant color! Burlap sacks are fun to find. I have come across a few but the prices were just too high.
    I found a complete set of the Twilight series books this past weekend for $4. I will be keeping them, until read, and then I will sell them of course!

  2. Great finds! Love the retro daisy tray. Good luck with the end of the semester, I remember that only too well. Hope to see you at Restyled Sundays.