Sunday, March 18, 2012

Suitcase n' Lace

Hey guys!
So I promised you last time that I would show you the product of my current "thrift to craft" phase!  Well, here are the befores of the suitcase.
This is the suitcase before it's transformation, Scout was also feeling photogenic.  Anyways, you see that color?  I think I'll call it blue-gray blah.

Here's the inside.  It wasn't stained or anything, but it just was not my taste.  I'm not a fan of frills.  And the material was that plastic-y kind that is usually found on baby changing tables.  It needed to go.

This is after I had ripped out the bottom of the inside fabric, there were some staples, then I just pulled it all off...

Well, more the just a few staples...

Here is the finished product!  I was so nervous about the fabric I chose, but I think it turned out rather nicely!

I like the patina on the buckles, and the handle on the case, it is so retro looking!

Here is the inside.  Yep, it is plain jane, but I like it!  I used the pieces I pulled out of the original lining as a template for this.  The backing was just a single cutout, and the sides I had to do some sewing, then I hot-glued them in.  No close ups on this one because it isn't super clean and awesome looking when you see it close!  It's not too bad though, and I am happy with it.

I've also mentioned to you guys about the monster bag of lace I recently picked up at the thrift shop.  It is huge, like the size of a bag that a comforter would come in.  Take a looksy:

There is so much more!  Some many colors and types of ribbon, lace, rick-rack.  I can't wait to use more of it!  I thought I would display it in my newly renovated suitcase!

Now wasn't that fun?  A nice, colorful post again!  Let me know how you think everything turned out!

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  1. That suitcase is the perfect storage space for all of this lace. Nice work on the recovering job too!

  2. HELL YES!! love it--thanks for linking up

  3. Wow great job with re-covering the suitcase, it looks great! I am also very jealous of your lace stash! You definitely got a bargain there.

  4. nice piece of artwork you made with the suitcase.

  5. Very pretty ! I love it! You have a good eye !

  6. Fabulous transformation! I'm jealous of the lace.

  7. I have that exact suitcase sitting in my living room. It was a recent thrift store purchase. Your updated one looks really fantastic! Much better than the baby changing table insides it started with! LOL!

  8. I'm so glad I found your link at Knick of Time! This looks perfect!

    I have the brother to that suitcase and I was just started working on transforming it 2 days ago. Mine is green though with a satin pocket instead of a mirror. Yes, it had the quilted shower curtain inside and I was so glad everything came out so easy. I too am saving the pieces that I ripped out to use for templates. Great minds think alike. ;^)

  9. So cute. What a great idea. I have an old suitcase that could use a makeover.

  10. LOVE the suitcase!
    Found you on Too Much Time - would love to have you over for a visit...

    Ann @ Suburban Prairie Homemaker